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Is this healthy?

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I was wondering if anyone elses kitty cat loves to sniff stinky shoes!?
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My cat does the same thing and he's a maine coon as well. Dumpster (he uses the floor for number 2) always smells shoes. He loves them. And my ex swears that he peed in his shoes when he lived there. I guess he must have not liked the ex. LOL
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I have Maine Coons too that like to lay on my shoes, they dont sniff them, just lay on them. I have one kitty that likes to sniff bleach, if you use it in the laundry you can find him rolling around against the washing machine or the bleach bottle. Very odd.
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Our RB kitty Gryphon used to sleep with his nose poked into Rob's beach shoes (old ratty smelly sneakers). He was an Ontario barn kitten but, given his lovely dense coat, might have had some Maine Coon in him. Wonder what it is about smelly shoes...
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Does this tell you anything?!
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I think I secrete some sort of exciting smell through my feet and ankles. My mom's cat will occasionally get a whiff and go after my shoes like crazy. My boyfriend's two male cats LOVE my feet, my ankles, my socks and my shoes. They will fight with each other over who gets to rub their head in my shoes. They've also been known to bite my ankles and pant legs. What's weird is they don't seem to do this to anyone else but me.
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Murphy seems to have a total love affair with shoes and feet.

He likes to sit in shoes and lick toes and when you walk he runs after you and pounces on your feet, and flops right across them, belly upwards, legs akimbo!
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LOL! My kitty loves to smell shoes! He will attack the shoes and make that face ( You know, when they are just chillin' with their mouth open!) like he smells something intoxicating.
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