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New foster kitten need advice (Cuterebra maggots)

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Ok I have a new foster kitten Rio. Who came into our rescue about a month ago with a huge nasty swore on his neck. Hes been at the vets since then but recently moved into my home so he could get some socialization. Anyways the swore ended up being from a Cuterebra maggot. The thing was HUGE!

He did pretty good for awhile at which point he was moved here last week. Then he started having signs of a URI so he got put on Clavamox. Then I noticed his nose looked like it was swelling up.

So off we rushed to the E-vet and they said he had an Cuterebra up his nose! They said they could remove it because if it busted open he would die of shock.

So I took him to our vet that the rescue uses. They removed it and it was sooo gross and even bigger then the other one. About the size of an olive. It had eaten threw most of the tissue in his nose. So he has one huge open area in his nose.

My question is will this affect his life in the future? Like will he have problem because he has one big nose whole instead of the two different areas? Could have more somewhere in his body. He had been treated with capstar twice which aparently is supposed to kill them but it didnt kill either one of them.

Im really freaking out thinking he has more soemwhere in his tiny little body. Hes only about 11 weeks old. Anyone dealt with this before.

Heres a link about Cuterebras.
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I've had a foster kitten with them around his face and neck but not up his nose. Has the vet cleared the kitten to make sure they have no more? We didn't actually know that my foster kitty had them till he got sick witht he dewormer....and the cuterbra came out (luckily so...since apparently as they are poisoned by the dewormer they can die under the skin and become infected.

Is the kitties breathing impacted? The nose, like in humans filters out particles/viruses etc...so the kitty if it survives will be a lot more likely to get sick/infections (if food gets up in there and inhaled). I'm just throwing out thoughts here...without being able to see the results, i'm not really sure.

What did the vet give you as a prognosis??
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I don't have any advice, but when I saw that picture I just shivered.
What a horrid looking little beasty!

Poor kitty :|
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I would also think that it would leave him more prone to infections since there is a lot less to filter out debris, and bacteria. Your more then likely looking at chronic sinus infections for more of his life... But then again thats only and assumption...

By the way, that thing is disgusting looking...
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Thanks guys. The vet said he gave him a fairly good chance of living a normal life as long as he was kept in a good clean place and the people that adopt him know what to look for if he starts getting a URI. We also have to make sure nothing goes up their because it could cause himn alot of trouble.

He seems to be doing well. But will have to be adopted out as a special needs cat because we dont know the exact damage that could have been done. He is doing ok for now.
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