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Tribute to Kitty Girl 5-06 - 2-07

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Kitty Girl was brought home by my son, he was filling in for the Animal Warden that week. She was so tiny and frail. She was found under a shed.
I bottle fed her and weaned her. This was the first kitten I had in 20 years,
I had to get rid of my two cats 20 years ago, my husband was severly allergic.
The plan was that i was going to care for her and when she was 8-10 weeks old,My son was going to keep her. Well after a week or so of taking care of her, I was hooked.
My husband was showing no signs of sickness...so we decided to keep her.
Then we thought that she needs a buddy!! So we got Angel and they got along great.
My husband was still doing good..no allergy.
Things were going so good with them.
My local Humane society put out a plea to adopt cats, they were overwhelmed.
I always wanted a white kitty, so we went down there. There as only one white cat..3 yrs old..I did not want a 3 yr old cat..but the look that she gave me, when I said that
broke my heart..so we adopted her..And one more...it was BOGO that day.
so now we have four!!!
Kitty Girl got really sick and she was diagnosed with FIP..I had to put her to sleep.
I cried for weeks, I was distraught..miss her terribly
I adopted another cat a little time after and then rescued two from a really bad situation.
I amnow fostering kittens(4 bottle babies)
Kitty Girl was brought to me, to open my home to all the kitties that need help. If it was not for her I would have never gotten another Cat.
Her life was short but she was loved more than some animals there whole life.
Because of Kitty Girl, I am able to take care of 10 kitties right now. She was a special kitty and I just want everyone to know how much!!
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Thank you for sharing that story. I think its wonderful that you are able to help all these cats and kittens and that may very well be why Kitty Girl was brought into your life.

I'm sure she is playing happily over the bridge now, knowing that she made such a difference in your life, and the lives of all those you've saved.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace sweet girl.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP sweet girl, knowing that through your example, other kitties will helped.
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RIP, sweet kitty. So sorry for your loss.
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