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Trying to hurt him or just rough playing

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I have debated whether to post this or not. But I figured I would ask this just to ease my mind.

When Ping plays with Pong he gets rough with him to the point he cries out. But only rarely does Pong run away from Ping when he does this. Ping will do the bunny kick on Pong (I trimmed his back claws a few days ago) and bites Pong. Or Ping will try to groom Pong and if Pong pulls away or tries to stop Ping he will bite him. But like I said only rarely will Pong run away scared.

Is Ping just playing rough or is he trying to hurt Pong? Or is it Ping just trying to let Pong know that he is Alpha around here and it will stay that way.

Ping hasn't drawn blood just bites hard enough to make Pong cry out.
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If the cat is not running away, then it's just playing rough.

My cat will definately run when the other one picks on her. And, can she run!
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This is just a form of rough play, a normal part of cat behavior. Since Ping and Pong are both males, there could be a little dominance behavior as well. My Boris will try to mount our male domestics in the house. Yes, Boris is neutered, but he is trying to show that he is the top boy in the house
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Radar and Sonic are like this with each other - both neutered males, but both keen to show the other who's boss! Watching them drag each other off the computer chair as they argue over who gets to sit in it is quite disconcerting at times.

Radar will also straddle Sonic, pinning him down and licking his face and ears. Sonic hates this and it usually ends in a bit of a scrap with open jaws waving at each other
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I have 2 neutered males also... I kinda wondered but they both do this too. If Ping (or Pong) were trying to hurt him he would. Just keep an eye out - sometimes rough playing can result in little boo boos.
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