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dog food for cats...

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We was going to look after a dog, so we got some of the dog food that the dog eats, but, we have 3 cats, and they found the dog food, and will open it, they will eat it all, and then leave...

What i want to know, is it ok for us to give dog food to the cats? they loved it, just so i know, if i should get them more...lol.

Im not a bad owner, they just eat the dog food, they opened it them selfs...

this is the food

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Quick answer - No.

Cats require a very different diet than dogs and cat food is formulated to provide this, much higher meat protein content and added supplements to make sure it is balanced correctly for their nutritional needs.

Dog food will not contain enough taurine for a start, without which cats can suffer serious damage such as blindness, muscle wasting, and death.

The fact that they've broken into the bag and eaten some once won't hurt, but it's definitely not the correct diet for them and could cause health problems if fed regularly.
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they have eaten 11, out of 12.... I will though the other one away...
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SMALL amount s of dog food wont hurt BUT you should lock up the dog food and give the cats just cats food
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you see, what it was, is that, we have 3 cats, one can jump on the sides, and the other 2 are too small.

The cat that can jump on the sides, wont eat any thing other than dry food, or whiskers kitten food, anyway, he opened them all (11/12) and knocked most off the side, so the kittens eat it...


there was soo much mess...
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Doesn't matter which kind of dog food it is - fact is that dog food is lower in protein then cat food and cats need more protein. It will not hurt for a bite or two, but steady diet of dog food will harm the cats.

I'd keep the dog food in a cupboard or place where the cats cannot get to it at all. And if you are feeding the dog and the dog is not eating it all within 5-10 mins then you have to confine the dog and food in an area where the cats cannot help themselves.

That's why I don't have a picky dog or cat - they all eat the food within a few mins (dry food is eaten on a counter for the cats). Our lab finishes her bowl of food within 5 mins of getting it
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