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flea... allow kittens out?

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hello, We have 3 cats, 2 are still kittens, but go up 2 any cat.

The cat, wont go up 2 any cat, so i think he is ok for going out.

But, there is a cat, that lives behind us, and i think it may have fleas due to the fact, that it is always scratching, comes into our garden, ect and the kittens go up to it and rub themselfs over it.

Is it a good idea, to reintroduce the cat litter tray, and dont let them out for a while?
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I'd keep all your cats in for awhile. Discourage the other cat from coming in your yard. Also you might want to treat your lawn for flea control outside.

The fact that the kittens go and rub on the other cat will transfer any fleas the other cat has to the kittens. Then your kittens will be bringing them inside - so be sure to treat the kittens with Frontline/Advantage, etc. (NO flea collars)

And go over all your cats with a flea comb!

Hate to say it but your kittens may have already brought in fleas!
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Well, my mum is a cleaning disorder, the fleas wont be able to survive here, inside, she cleans (spring cleans 3 maybe 4 times per day aswell as work)

we got some shampoo, that gets rid of fleas for kittens and puppys, we had to get it due to the fact one of the kittens decieded he wanted to have a bath in some car oil...

We dont have a flea comb, but what about a nit comb? We got loads of them... (we dont have nits, we just fostered loads of children... for a few weeks per family of children...
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The nit comb should work cause it would be very tiny close teeth like a flea comb. Try it and see.
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