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Eating litter?!

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We have five young kittens and they have just started to eat food but arent fully weaned. They have been pooing and peeing all over our floors and every time we put them in the litter box one at a time, they start to sniff and eat the litter! Is there ANY way to fix this problem or what we can put down instead of them "going" all over our house?
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Trying to eat the litter is just something young kittens do. I can't imagine why, honestly... it can't smell like food to them.

Use a non clumping litter or a pellet litter like yesterday's news. To keep them from pooping everywhere don't give them full run of the house. Keep them in one room with the litter box, or even crate them between play times. If the litter box is easily accessible and they don't have to 'remember' where it is, they're more likely to use it when they're younger.
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I'm sorry you're having trouble with your kittens! Golly I bet they're adorable though!!! I agree with strange wings though, I would try another type of cat litter. Since they are really young kittens they just may be a little confused. A different material may give them the hint. Definitely make sure you have more than one litter box!
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