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Food switch

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I've been thinking of switching Popsie's food to Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul. Where can I get it and is it optimum for older cats? Any special instructions for when I make the switch?
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the senior formula is good for older cats... i would get it at a feed store as they are usually less $$ ... Do it with current food VERY VERY slow... like over 3-4 weeks
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Petsmart or Petco should carry it (ours do). With dry you have to do it slowly - put a small handful of the new in the bowl and mix with the food he's eating now, then over 2-3 weeks times gradually increase the new food and decrease the old.

With canned, its a lot easier to switch
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WOW I have never seen it in a Petco or Petsmart for about 8 states
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I havent seen it in petco or petsmart either. Go to the chicken soup pet food website. They will have a link so you can search for suppliers near you. I have my cats on the Adult light formula and they like it.
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I know our Petco has CS - will double check next time I'm in there!
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