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darn, I don't have photoshop.

can you try it with the following color?

Hue: 45
Sat: 110
Lum: 95

Red: 136
Green: 148
Blue: 54
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Sorry I'm not a lot of help in "green" - its one color we do not like! We like blues/creams/rose/dark beiges

I'd just go to Home Depot or other stores and pick out a few sample strips and hold them up to the wall to see which shade you like.

Also you don't want too dark cause when you leave the apartment you HAVE to repaint the walls white. Better check with your landlord before you go painting the walls!

While its nice of you all to help with colors - you are forgetting she is in an apartment! Its not her own place to repaint. DH says that IF you get permission from the landlord to repaint and he has to apply more then one coat to cover the color you WILL be charged for it in your security deposit.

I have another suggestion tho - are you willing to invest in some fabric and just measure out how many yards you need and cover a wall with fabric?
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I had a 15' x 13' front room in one apartment I lived in that was painted a dark bluish-green with a gray undertone. Hard color to describe, but when the sun came through in the late afternoon it looked like you were floating underwater - it was so peaceful.

I just painted the office in my new place with an ice-aqua, looks nothing like hospital colors. It's nice and calming.
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Originally Posted by watchcaddy View Post
This kind of green?

I once got my dad to paint my bedroom this color!! I love green!!!
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My mom painted our kitchen back at my old home with her a GORGEOUS shade of country green!!! I absolutely love it!!! Just make sure that you use a good base coat/primer under it! Green can be a gorgeous wall color if done properly!!!! I plan to have another room in our hosue painted that same shade of green because i love it sooo much!
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My dad has two walls in the living room green, one tan and one dark red. Looks good Don't forget that you can always change it if you don't like it!
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I agree with a previous poster about saving your $$ and getting a less expensive paint. I always buy Glidden at Home Depot. Their flat paint is only $17 (versus Sherwin Williams $34) and it has low odor and great coverage.

We painted our hallway Glidden Zen Mist, which I highly recommend. This is a very nice green with yellow tones. On the same card, Sassafras Tea is also awesome. I painted our teeny tiny bedroom sassafras tea and it looks fabulous with the pink carpeting!

The only way to know for sure is to get lots of paint chips and see which one you like with your lighting and furniture. Also, since you're in an apartment, maybe you should just paint only one wall? That way you'd have less to repaint white when you move out.

Good luck!
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And be careful if you are allowed to paint the wall. Some paints/colors will have to be covered over with Kilt before you can repaint them white or the color will bleed thru!
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I'll contact my landlord before doing anything.

If I remember correctly, my lease says that I need permission to paint walls in a dark color. I'm hoping the color I choose will be alright and I wont have to repaint when I leave.
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GK means Kilz, with a Z -- great stuff. And yes, if you can get approval on your color so you can leave it when you go, that would be great -- be sure and keep your leftover paint so you can do some touchup when you move out.
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Here's my pathetic try for a lighter green.

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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
Here's my pathetic try for a lighter green.

Oh, thank you!

actually, this is more blue-ish grean than I'd like. If it's not too hard to try another color, can you show me how it looks with a color more like this:
(or something close to that)

I really wish I had photoshop now
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Thanks Carol - I never knew about the stuff till I met DH - he's very familiar with it. Works well if you move in a place with heavy smokers and have to repaint - the stuff not only stops colors from bleeding but seals the odor in too

And Marie - that little sample tile looks like brownish green on my pc Not a blue-green.
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