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Birthdays & time

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Do you ever look at the clock and realize that the time reflects your birthday? Or have you heard of this?

My sister told me this old tale that if the time is about the same time as our birthday, then you'll always look at the time when it shows the month and date of your birth.

I.e. Someone born on September 6 will always look at 09:06 instead of 09:05 or 09:07.

Just curious if anyone has heard this before. I do find it nuts though as I will look at the clock and it will display my birth month and date.
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Hmm.. mine would be 7:03 then, I always remember looking at 7:04 instead, but then again I was born very close to midnight. Interesting though.
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I never heard of that! I'll have to keep that in the back of my mind and see if I do that!
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hmm no, but i tend to forget my own birthday, and age.
been that way my whole life,.
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Hmmm, I haven't heard that. But my birthday is 12 06, so I mostly only have one chance a day to see that number!
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I always seem to look at the clock when it's 10:16 (birth date). I was born at 8:05 so I'm still waking up at that point...don't see that very often. I also see 222 very often...on the clock, on book page numbers, it was my dorm room in college, my ex-boy friends house number...it's weird. And, before anyone suggests it I have played that number in the lottery and didn't win.
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