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Please Help!!

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My cat Samba has been peeing on the floor for about a year now. We have brought him to the vet and he is fine. We have plenty of litter boxes. I have read the treads about cats peeing on the ground, and nothing seems to apply to him. He will only pee on clothes or once on a suitcase. We clean everything up with special cat urine removers. We keep clothes off the floor, and he still finds things to pee on. We don't know what else to do. If we can't get him to stop my husband is going to make me get rid of him (after cleaning up after him so many times I am almost ready to give up.) Please give me any suggestion you have. If there are any rare diseases that it could be please tell me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I have never had to use it...(knock on wood)...but a lot of people on here swear by the "cat attract" litter. Im not sure where you can find it. Im sure someone will be along to tell you where to find it.......

hope this helps
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Thanks, we will probably try it. I am just worried that he is sick and we don't know it. He has had a UTI before, but hasn't had one in a long time. If anyone knows of any other diseases that would cause this, I would be happy to hear them. Thanks

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How recently has he been to the vet? Did they do a urinalysis? What were the results?

I realize you said that you have plenty of litterboxes... I would carefully consider and reconsider the number of boxes, the location of those boxes, the type of box (covered/uncovered), and the type of litter.

Did anything change in the household when this started? I'm curious, is Samba declawed?

Peeing on the floor (rather than spraying) almost always signals a health problem.
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He went to the vet again a month ago and they checked for any type of bacteria in the urine (in case we hadn't ever gotten rid of the first infection) and there was no trace of an infection. We have tried about 6 different kinds of litter, we have tried covered litter boxes, we have tried uncovered litter boxes, we have tried having one upstairs, one downstairs, we don't know what else to try.

Nothing changed when this started. He started about a 1/2 a year after we got him. We thought for a while he was bored so we got tubee after 1 1/2 years of having him. (I put the wrong number of years in the first post, its been about 2 now.)

No he is not declawed (I could never do that to my babies)

Anything else that could cause this? I'm running out of options!

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Another thing to consider- what type of food is he eating? Wet food is usually better for cats prone to UTIs because the increased moisture content encourages more frequent urination. The less time urine spends in the bladder the less opportunity for infections or crystals to develop.

The suggestion by SassyGirl_2007 about Cat Attract it is a good one. Two of my cats were peeing on the kitchen counter (!) after UTIs and crystals in the Spring. New litter boxes, unscented litter and Cat Attract additive have made a major difference in their behavior. Cat Attract makes the litter and an additive that can be added to unscented clumping litter. Some pet stores carry it. I order the additive online from Entirely Pets because it is not available in here in Hawaii. Here's a link to the Cat Attract site.

Good luck and positive thoughts to you and Samba. I hope you can find a solution to his problem. I know how frustrating it can be.
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I have a question about cat attract, is there a way to mix it with other litter? Cat attract is too expensive to use in all of our litter boxes, so if we could mix it in of put a layer on top that would help. Do you think that would work?

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Thanks everyone, we are going to try cat attract, also ignore the last post, I didn't read the posts before I posted it. Any other suggestions would still be appreciated. Again, thanks for all the advice.

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I gave up with my boy; Cat Attract didn't work,tried multiple litters, he has no health issues, not declawed etc. He always uses a litter tray for poos. Finally I started putting puppy pads down where he was peeing. When he used the one I wanted (in the bathroom) I gave him a treat and praised him.

He hasn't had an 'incident' for over 12 months and is very proud when he pees
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