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OB appt - feeling a little in shock

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So I just changed OB's today since my previous OB is going on leave (and we don't like her...)

We know we'll be having a cesarean due to my heart condition, but we hadn't discussed the date of it since I was changing OB's, and we figured we'd leave it up to the new OB.

First of all he was soooo much better than my other OB - much more knowledgeable in cardiac conditions, explained things much better. He said to us the expected delivery date will have to remain open depending on how my echo's look and how my blood pressure and pulse rate look. He also said that the amount of work your heart is doing reaches its peak between 28-32 weeks and stays at that level for the rest of the pregnancy, so they want my heart working that hard for as little time as possible, and so want a delivery date that's soon, but still gives the baby as much development time as possible. So the date they were throwing around was 36 weeks - which is September 14. \t That's a little over 5 weeks away. That's like, REALLY soon. \t

If my heart shows any changes at my echo on Thursday, or at the echo scheduled for September 5 they'll bringing that date forward.

So I'm going through an "oh my god we have to get organised as soon as the shock wears off" moment right now.

Did I mention ?
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That IS soon! But it sounds like a very safe plan for both you and the baby. Don't worry, actually having the baby puts everyone in a little bit of shock, and parenthood is all about making it up as you go along anyway.

BIG HUG for you! So exciting!
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Oh Sarah how exciting!!!!! OMG in 5 weeks you could be holding your baby boy

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Awww, 5 weeks!! How exciting!!
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that's really really cool, but shocking i'm sure.
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5 1/2 weeks.... that extra couple of days is important!

And that's a Friday, so they might decide to do it on Monday (the 17th), so that's 6 weeks away... Heh.

Oh and I just realised I ruined the due date guessing competition.... I imagine nobody guess a date that early anyway!
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OMG that is soon
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Hang in there! I hope everything will be fine for you!!!
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Wow! 5 weeks!!! You did say you couldn't wait to meet the little guy! hehe
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Wow! Congrats!!!!!

At least the new OB didn't tell you that you weren't actually pregnant
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I bet you can't wait. I pray that everything goes well.
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wow that is exciting , When we adopted our first child , a little girl, we had 24 hours notice to go and get her, and three hundred miles to drive, I was so in shock I think it took me 6 weeks, to stop throwing up, having a child is wonderful, just remember so slow down and enjoy every minute, best wishes for all of you
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Wow! I'm sure they are just wanting to do what's best, but I'd be in shock too! But I think September 14th is a FANTASTIC day to be born! I speak from experience!

My old boss is having a c-section and she was told her doc likes to do them on Fridays (if they are planned) because it makes things a little easier on the family afterward, since the recovery is around a weekend. But then her c-section isn't really planned for a condition they are keeping an eye on or anything.
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5 weeks?!?! Whoa, that's like....soon! Oh my, you must have tons of things to do yet.
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I'm glad you like you new OB. that's so important.

My first child was born at 36 weeks. We wer just thrilled he made it past 27 weeks - well, just glad I was alble to stay pregnant. and he was just fine.
Oh, yeah, it was almost 27 years ago. You know, the dark ages! So you son will be fine.
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Oh gosh, Sarah, this is so exciting! And it sounds like a very good plan, a safe plan. So... yes, I'm sure there's a lot still to do, but you don't want to overwork yourself. Maybe you could make a list and get some friends to help? Or maybe you could do the rest of your shopping online and let things be delivered to you.

Try to give yourself as much of a break these final weeks as you can... because it's the last break you're getting for awhile!
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.. I'm going to be a TCS Auntie in September.

The a good one. LOL)
How exciting for me...Oh yea you guys too..

I'm so glad you both are happy with the new OB that makes things so much easier for you . I can just imagine how excited you were when you heard the Doc 's news and Now don't you go getting crazy on us things will work out but you need to rest to so don't over do it . We will be checking

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Someone or some people will still get points for the closest date & correct or closest time

Don't you fret
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Wow! I am glad you have a great new doctor. It is wonderful that you have a timeframs so that you can make sure everything is prepared. My youngest was a planned c-section after I had major issues pushing out we found out during delivery that Derek had the cord around his neck. He was yanked out 3 weeks early. Other then being a little on the light side (7 pounds) everything was perfect with him.

I am positive everything will be fine, now get to work getting everything ready.
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Wow that is a bit soon! But- it sounds like your new OB really has it together and is planning to do what is in yours and that little one's best interest, so you can't beat that at all! Good luck hon- i hope the rest of your pregnancy progresses smoothly and you have no heart/etc issues!
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I bought some little preemie onesies while I was at Target yesterday - you should see them!!!! They're so tiny and cute!! I'll get a photo with one of them against my belly, they are just too adorable.
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Wow! That is soon.....but I am sure everything will be fine.

Many for you and a very healthy delivery!!
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Hey Mommy to be.......Sounds like your having fun shopping I love the baby clothes the styles they have now for the little ones I believe start at 3-6 months and up are so cute now . I hope the onesies fit the baby he could be a biggggg boy....... LOL

Just wanted to check on ya..... your resting right ?????????

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