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An important issue underway

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Recently, I was asked by Anne to write something to help a good cause. It is an issue that is near and dear to me as it deals with cats who will be abandoned. I finished the piece this morning and am putting it here, hoping it "speaks" to many of your hearts. It is inspired by a cat who is at the shelter and has been since 1991 when the scud missiles were launched. I call the cat..........


Israel, once again, is facing the possibility of war. Its people are already used to living with daily terrorism, but now the very real threat of scud missile attacks is plunging the country into even more fear.

Israel's citizens are varied, strong and capable of survival. But there are those who live in the shadows, often homeless and viewed as easily discarded pests. These are Israel's cats; the sentient beings that we North Americans coddle as treasured pets, companions and appreciate as a comforting presence when we need them. However, should there be war again in Israel, a series of horrors that we have had only a small taste of, an estimated 10,000 cats will be injured or abandoned.

During the Gulf War, one cat did survive the terror of a missile attack. His home was hit directly and although it is speculated that his people were able to flee during the 2-minute warning siren, he defied all odds by rising from the rubble and ashes. Thus the rescued, mackerel tabby was dubbed Phoenix, and as a war veteran was given shelter at The Cat Welfare Society of Israel, whose director is a courageous woman by the name of Rivi Mayer. It's been 12 years since that horrible time and Phoenix has found a permanent home with the volunteers of the shelter.

Chaos ensues after an attack, and while others tend to the needs of the humans caught in the aftermath, Rivi and her crew are determined to bring aid to the frightened and injured felines.

It is imperative to get veterinary care to the wounded quickly, so search parties have to be mobilized to seek out those cats that are hiding, left without food or even water, and too hurt or scared to fend for themselves.

The logistics are their own nightmare as the volunteers will try to round up lone cats, leave food out for those who will not be caught, and aid the wounded, and set out traps for the ones who are hiding.

And as with any rescue operation, the Cat Welfare Society of Israel needs many things to continue their efforts. Cat carriers, food, kitty litter, pans, bowls, traps; all are items needed, and all need to be bought so that the cats would be protected.

It almost seems to those of us who live a sheltered life, that they are fighting a losing battle. After all, the cultural differences alone, with the ensuing disdain of cats, seem to be enough of a difficulty. Yet these brave volunteers, although they will likely be in shock themselves, will have to trap cats that are hideously hurt, in amongst nitric acid, fires, screams, and the sickening smell of death and burning flesh.

But we know.... We understand the human spirit is invulnerable, and when prepared in advance, can go into autopilot, to do what needs to be done. We saw it during and in the aftermath of, 9/11. We watched, or were a part of, the bravery, the determination to help right a wicked wrong.

We also are aware that efforts such as these take money. In Israel, the welfare of cats does not receive funding. Yet, the felines there are no less needy, suffer no differently then do the treasured companions on this continent.

We cannot drive to the shelter and donate bags of supplies. But we can send money; the necessary funding that will mean the difference between life and death, intense suffering and relief from pain, or a miserable existence on the streets and kindness in a loving home.

The kind souls who are willing to brave the post-bomb hysteria to save Israel's cats will do the legwork. But it is up to us to provide the funding that will set this rescue endeavor into motion.

As we begin to take tentative strides towards becoming a global community, we can no longer ignore the pleas and the cries of the suffering of beings around the world. We can help them all to be like Phoenix, to rise out of and above the tragedies and discover a world of love and compassion....

Please visit our special page that has been set up to assist you in donating to this cause:

Please copy this message and email it to all your animal loving friends!
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And here is Phoenix 12 years later
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Hissy that is beautifully written. You've done great justice to the cause you're writing about, and such a worthy cause at that.

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Thank you so much, Hissy.
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bumping into the New Year
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MaryAnne!!!! That was SO beautifully written! And it does tug at the heart strings!!!! I am praying tonight for the cats of Israel...and all homeless cats....thank you Hissy for writing such a moving story. I hope it helps to get the message across.
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Thanks you guys, and Debby, I hope it helps too.
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Once again you amaze me with your writing! Thank you for the story of survival and determination.
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I just noticed this thread...

Thank you Mary Anne once again in the name of all the cats over here.

If you could all just copy and paste the first message in this thread and email it over to all your animal loving friends I would be so grateful! Please ask them to forawrd it on so we can reach as many cat lovers as possible!

By the way, I am editing your post MA just to change the URL. I bought a special domain name for this operation for people to use it leads to the same page.

Thank you everyone!
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Mary Anne, with your posts, one can always count on either a good laugh or a good cry. Sometimes both at once.

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What a great story MaryAnne. It definitely pulled at my heart strings. I am going to donate, and I hope others will too.
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Thank you so much Sarah! On behalf of the cats here in Israel. I personally volunteer at the CWSI and I know the cats need all the help they can get. We've set up protected rooms for them now in case of an attack.

I was on national TV this week asking people not to abandon their cats when the war starts and they need to evacuate and asking them to contact the CWSI in advance and let them know they'll be bringing in their cats so we can get organized in time. I had the sweetest little kitty on TV with me - one of those up for adoption
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bump bump
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