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Yeast Infection Danger???

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I just returned from the groomer with our new rescue. She is a Cocker Spaniel named Possum. The problem is that she said that she has a ear infection in both ears and a yeast infection between her toes... gross.

My question is... Can puppy and Penguina my 2 indoor and wonderfully healthy kitties get this yeast infection from my new rescue??? My vet appointment is not until Thursday @ 2:30 - so far the cats have not gone too near the dog, but I can not jeopardize the health of my babies.

Please let me know!

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I don't believe yeast infections are contagious. One of my dogs is prone to yeasty ears, and none of the other animals here have ever "caught" anything from her. Everyone has yeast on their skin; its only when bad conditions allow it to get out of control that it becomes a problem.
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Catchy no .... but you may want to feed the dog a NO Grain or a simple lamb and rice dog food ... THIS IS very VERY COMMON in cockers
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We've got three Cocker Spaniels here, and let me tell you, high quality food does make a HUGE difference. My family originally had them on Pedigree, and they would get so bad in the summer they would have scabs all over and be losing hair. We switched their food (Canidae currently, but we tried a couple others in between), and added in The Missing Link, WOW. They do still itch a little at times, and Oreo has a few scabs at the moment, but they aren't sitting there constantly chewing anymore, and their coats are finally full and healthy. Oreo and Earnie's biggest issue seems to be wheat, just getting the family to stop giving them milkbones proved a huge step ahead in their conditions.

And for ears I swear by Zymox. Years of treatments from the vet, which were always antibiotics + steroids.. ugh, it was SO frustrating. They ALWAYS came back, if they ever went away completely in the first place. Three weeks on Zymox and Earnie's ears were completely better, and now he only needs a good cleaning with it every month or two. Of course, it may not work on all ears.. but it's done wonders for Earnie and Oreo.
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Thanks for all the super info on Cocker Spaniels! She is a mess, as she was rescued from a puppy mill. She needs a lot of medical - we will see the extent of it tomorrow at the vet... Thanks again for all the great info!
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Let us know what the vet says! I hope you get it all cleared up quickly.
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