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Missing House?

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Someone where I live stole someone's house and demolished it turning it into a parking lot.


Man allegedly turned stolen house into parking lot
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lol oh man that reminds me of a story of a couple of years, where someone stole a whole house how the people that lived there was on vaction.

They came up, moved the whole house.!!! and no one said anything.
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That is so surreal! What a bizarre thing to happen. I guess you can never stop being surprised, huh?
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What!?!?! I'm curious how this will turn out!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
What!?!?! I'm curious how this will turn out!
I haven't heard anything more about it. Given the fact that while the owner apparently had been in discussion with the guy to sell it to him, but nothing was concluded and no money exchanged hands and no contracts were signed, the guy had no right to evict the tenants and rip down the house.

How the owner is going to recover the value of the house I have no idea. There would obviously be a judgement awarded to the house owner, but whether he collects on it or not is another thing. It will take 40 years to collect if they have to garnish the guys wages and if the guy is on welfare you can't garnish.

The house must have been insured, but will the insurance agency pay in this situation? IMHO they should because it being demolished was the result of "an act of violence...a crime" no different than if someone had broken down the door and vandalized the interior of the house or set it on fire.

It is an intersting situation to say the least.
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How bizzare.

Here in the States because of the cost of the house I guess it would be considered Grand Theft House.
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Originally Posted by KarmasMom View Post
Grand Theft House.
I sense a new video game in the works ....
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I wanted to add based on something I just noticed in one of the articles.

The assessed value of the house was $21,000.00 which is extremely low. The house must have been near "slum conditions" and needed a great deal of upgrading to be valued at such a low amount.

The street the house was on is part of what we call the "West End". It's also known as the "core area" which is an area known for it's higher than average crime rates including street prostitutes (not the high class kind.These ones work for drug fixes or very little money). The area was not always like that, but over the years the "core area" has expanded as some neighbourhoods start to "take back" their area and push out the criminals who basically just move down the road a by a few blocks.

Back in the late 1970's I lived a street or two over from Toronto Street and it wasn't a bad neighbourhood back then. Older homes, some better kept than others, but very family oriented with a few schools in the area. And I felt safe enough walking home from the bus stop late at night.

In the mid 1980's to early 1990's I lived about a mile or 2 west of there. By this time the area around the street I had lived on back in the late 1970's, including Toronto Street had taken on a tougher reputation and saw a rise in criminal activity (B&E, drugs, prostitution etc). And the opening of several pawn shops in the area.

By the time I moved from that area in 1992, the problems in that area had crept within six blocks of where I was living. My friend who lived on a street that was once very quiet, about 8 blocks from where I was living, suddenly found herself living in the "core area" and the victim of robbers and 2 home invasions.

I'm not exagerating when I say this, but they were broken into at least once a month. They installed steel doors and bars on the windows, the robbers broke through the wall instead. Once her daughter was home as someone was breaking in the back window. Her daughter ran out the front door. Another time my friend woke up and found some stranger standing at the doorway of her bedroom. The guy took off running when he realized that someone was home and that he was seen.

Because of the crime rate in the area and the fact that my friend's husband was a lazy SOB who didn't do anything to maintain the house, their house was only valued at about $20,000 back then (Early 1990's)

I'm not into real estate, but I'd say the average house price in that area today is about $50,000.00 and up. The lower valued ones need considerable home improvements.
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That beats this story (true one too). Guy #1 got p'd off with another Guy #2 and while G#2 was on vacation for a few weeks, G#1 put an ad in the paper:

"I'm renovating my house, please come and help me get rid of furniture and tear out some walls for remodeling. Bring your own tools, take what you want."

A lot of people showed up on the day scheduled and completely clean out the house and torn out walls, etc. The only thing was it was NOT G#1's house but it was G#2's house!

G#2 never found out who did it!

Moral of the story - watch who you pick fights with!
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