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The Agency I Rent from are Idiots!

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I've lived in the same apartment since October 1, 1996.

A year or two after I moved in they steam cleaned the carpets in the hallway. Since then I have spent a few hundred dollars of my own money on rug shampoo and using my own carpet shampooer and have shampooed the carpet myself 3 times because it was so disgusting to look at.

The caretaker does vacuum the carpet twice a week, but vacuuming doesn't take the place of steam cleaning which should be done at least once every year or two.

Anyway, today the agency decided to have someone come in and steam clean the hallway carpets in the building.

The building doesn't have air conditioning and there is no open ventilation, so the hallways are like saunas. They couldn't wait until fall or winter when the air is dryer and cooler: they had to pick one of the hottest and most humid months of the year!

Those carpets will go mouldy before they dry with the heat and humidity that we've been getting. Already the hallways smells like "wet dog". Gross!!!!!!
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Ugh! That stinks (no pun intended).

One thing I have learned about rental agencies is that they are cheap. Most likely this was the best deal in town during this time of year, so despite lack of common sense, they went ahead with the cleaning.

So sorry that you will have stinky floors.
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Sorry to hear about that!! Is there any way to stick a fan in the hall to help air it out and try to dry it out some? Hope something works out for you!
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Who ever said building (or any) management was smart.

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We just got new building management and they decided to change the hallway carpets. They now look like Astroturf and smell like dry cleaning! I know what you're going through.
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Open the doors, use fans, and put a dehumidifier in there.
There is nothing worse than wet carpet smell, yucko. Well maybe a dead body is worse.
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sounds like the place i rent from. they replaced a water heater or something yesterday and the carpet on the "garden" level was soaked. so they put a fan on it and tied the main door open all day & night. but it thunderstormed all night. geniuses.
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