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I keep up on craigslist to find any cat supplies, and just look at pictures LOL. Well today someone posted that they are GIVING AWAY a Savanah...Just seemed strange to me. Especially since he is 4 months old and still bottle feeding...

are F3s considered "safe" pets? She doesn't offer any pictures or anything.
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sounds a bit dodgy to me too -- although if it were legit I could be convinced to take a drive over the pass -- I love Savannahs & Bengals!
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Yea I'd be tempted too if I weren't starting school in a week. I DEFINITELY couldn't handle a Savannah then! LOL
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I don't know a lot about nutrition- but at that age aren't cats already eating kitten food on their own? Maybe there is something wrong with the cat.

I would email and ask for pics if you are interested.

It is very strange that this cat is free? It's probably not pure-bred cat...

Anyways, who knows!?!?!
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Yeah there is a lot to be weary of with that one. I just did a google search for an F3 Male and they go for about $3000!!! Something is definatly not right with that whole picture. I hope that the kitty no matter what breed it actually be find a wonderful home to love it!
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Maybe they meant four weeks, not four months... Or they did that on purpose? Eh, who knows.
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Yea I thought the age was really weird! I wonder if it was an accident, I just don't see how someone would be GIVING away a Savannah. I could never take care of one at this point in my life, but I was slightly concerned with the "free". It worried me that someone who doesn't know about the breed would just snatch it up...hmm
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This whole thing seems strange to me too.
You will need to teach him to eat cat food. Right now he will only take a bottle. Free to you if you have a good loving home and the time to teach him to eat.
I never knew of any cat, that you had to teach to eat. Any time I bottle fed kittens, especially my bobcats and cougar cub, they let you know when they were ready to eat. Although my bobcats and cougar still took the bottle at 4 months, even they were eating solid food by this age. Why they are giving away this cat for free seems strange to me as well and is not very responsible on their part. Maybe we should all write this person, ask them why they are giving away this cat for free and educate them on what can happen to this poor kitten if they did. It could go to a good home, but since it is free, it very well could end up in the wrong hands. I am going to write them, ask for pictures and also ask why they are giving this cat away for free. Like I said, we all need to write this person
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I wrote to them, and asked for pictures. I'm very curious!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I wrote to them, and asked for pictures. I'm very curious!
So did I, waiting to see if I will get a reply.
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Please keep us posted with what they write back, if anything.
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I will also write them as I am close by ...Maybe someone needs to see this ... as they may think it is a savannah and it is a domestic / bob cat cross ( common here unfortunatly)
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I e-mailed them yesterday and have not received a reply.
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None here either
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I haven't gotten a reply either.
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No reply as well.
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Nope, no reply to me either...
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i find craigslist very sketchy, period. DH had put up an add about his TV and got this email reply in broken english that he wanted to pay for the tv with a check written for WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the amount, us to deposit it and us write a check to the 'person/shipping company' who was going to pick up the tv for the remainder of them amount.

We told them to never email us again, that it was a scam and we were reporting it.
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