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Soooo hot

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It's more muggy than hot but it's terrible. We have a heat advisory till eight PM. It keeps raining and the sun will come out and make it worse. Thank the Lord for AC.
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I should have posted in this thread. I just posted that it's broken 100 degrees here. In fact it's 101 right now. Yuck.
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I know it's hot & humid but since our office is so cold it actually feels nice & warm when I went out for lunch. Many people in the office are getting sick. I've been taking additional vitamin C on top of multi-vitamin I took daily. The office is sooooo cold many people with long sleeves are wearing a sweater. As for me, this is my 8th or 10th cup (16 oz) of hot liquid since this morning, and I'm still freezing with a fleece on .
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We have had heat advisories out for the last couple days too. Today the heat index is supposed to be 103*. And I'm sitting in the office with a sweater on because it's so cold. I'm pretty sure this is why I had a nasty cold last week, and probably why it's still lingering. Why can't people keep the AC like I do at home? The coldest I can stand it is 77*.

I keep telling the kitties to be thankful for the AC. It's even hot in our apartment building hallway!
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its about 99 here right now. It feels great in my house at the moment! I'm just so glad I'm not at work or I would be dying!
Everyone be sure to keep your kids (both the furry and non-furry kind) cool today!
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Ick.. I know! Our air conditioning can't even keep up with the heat! It's really hazey out here. I wish it was atleast sunny so we could go to the pool!
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Ugh it's horrible here in Philly today too!

I walked some dogs in this heat and it was the worst!!

My kitty Misfit LOVES it though. She basks in the sun, and won't stay in my Air Conditioned room!
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You're getting rain?!?! No fair!!! LOL. We have a heat advisory for today and tomorrow... it's supposed to be 100 both days, without adding the heat index. I'm sitting inside and enjoying the A/C... for now. As soon as John gets home he wants to work in the garage, so that ends my comfort for the evening! lol.
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Currently at 103 here
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I'm becoming shut in due to the recent highs here. The closest I've gotten to the heat is the kitchen where it's not air conditioned. My Sophie is in the bedroom with me and the second bedroom with Lily and her four kittens is kept at a comfortable air conditioned temperature. Mutty is resting in a cupboard where she usually does, and I think it must be cooler in there.
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It's actually been tolerable here the last few days. Yesterday was quite warm, but not as humid as some days we have had. Today is cloudy and rainy and cooler. It was such a great change
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