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I'm not sure whether this will comfort anybody; but it might, so I figured I'd better post it.

First, you should know I'm prone to very vivid dreams--both nightmares and the normal sort--and am often aware I'm dreaming. Consequently, I remember a lot of my dreams, not just the significant ones. But this one was not only vivid but very realistic; and I thought I might post it, in case it helps somebody.

In the dream, I had decided to volunteer at a cat shelter. They were inundated with cats; and for the first time, they had decided to put to sleep cats that they knew they'd never place. I met a new cat soon after he was brought in as a stray. He was a big orange-and-white neutered tom, with medium-long fur and a fluffy tail; and he loved to wind around my ankles. His legs were unusually long, so that he looked very elegant.

But when his FIV test came in, it was positive; and, being four years old already, he was put on the list of cats to be put to sleep.

I asked the vet whether I might be with him when he was put to sleep; and she said a reluctant yes, only I mustn't intefere with the injection. I promised not to.

I think the cat knew what was happening; because he seemed so very calm when he was brought into the room; and he didn't struggle against getting the injection. I looked at him and said, "Don't be scared," and he looked back at me with big green eyes, getting sleepy, and it seemed like he was saying, "Don't be silly; I'm not scared. I'm fine." I got a feeling of calm acceptance, as though he understood and was maybe even willing, so as to give other cats a chance to be adopted. I stroked him; and he went limp and jerked a little, and then went still, his tongue sticking out of his mouth just a little.

Anyway, I don't know if that helps anybody, but I had to post it, just in case.
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Wow. That was very vivid. I think I would have woken up crying...actually I teared up a little reading it, because it reminded me of when I put my cat to sleep. In reality, I hope every cat that has to be put down has someone there to comfort them as they go.

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