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Kitty climbing window screens

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Today I found my kitty Nomar climbing the window screen. With the weather so nice I open the windows. Now my concern is how do I prevent him from doing this?? Before he was neutered he would try and climb the screen. I could understand he wanted to go out and roam. Now I don't know what I am going to do. I work second shift and would hate to have to keep windows closed especially on hot days.Yet I don't want to come home and find screen out as well as Nomar. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
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Not sure if this will help, but I keep my kitten's and older cat's claws trimmed to a dull point. Without the sharp tip, she cannot get a good grip on the small holes in the screens. I've caught her trying, and she usually ends up taking a long stretch instead. When I do see her get a good grip, I know that she's overdue for a clipping. As a kitten, its seems that she needs trims more frequently than my older cat.

The other thing you might try is that you can open the windows, but only wide enough for her to sniff and smell. If mine can only get her head's width, there isn't enough room for her to climb.

Good luck!
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Thanks for info. Last week Nomar had his nails trimmed. Today he managed to reach the top of the screen. I guess the only thing to do is keep window open a little, enough so he can stick his nose out.. I just feel bad with the hot days ahead...and the birds outside don't help. Once he sees them he's on a mission !!!
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You can also try a few other things. If the windows have a ledge he has to jump on, put some soda cans filled with pennies on them. When he knocks them over it will make enough noise to scare him. You can also try putting some repellant spray on them. Usually the fowl smell is too much for them.
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Thanks Sandie,
Is there a special spray to buy? I wouldn't want to buy the wrong kind and have it get on his paws. I'm concerned if he licks his paws and he gets sick..
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The one I have used and find to work is called chew guard. It is supposed to stop them from eating stuff. It is safe for them to lick but holey moley does it taste and smell bad.
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