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big mouth!

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Well I took the first picture because he was just sitting on his dresser looking at me while I was typing through his half closed eyes.The next thing he does is open his mouth for a huge yawn and I got it on camera, it looks so funny!

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Your right, that second pic does look funny!!

Hes such a handsome boy.
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He looks like he was gonna eat you he is very cute
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What a face.. A face a mother could love.. Tooo cutteee..
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That would make a great lolcat picture!
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LOL!!!! That's GREAT!
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That second picture is so cute!! Gotta love'em!!
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That's adorable!

P.S. Congratulations! I was married in June 2006 and we adopted Chessy together shortly after.
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He totally looks like he's yelling at you to get the camera out of his face

That would make a great lolcat picture!
Absolutely. I'm thinking either 'DO NOT WANT' or 'OMG PAPARAZZI!'
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Awwww, he is so cute. Well, in the first one, the second one looks like he's about to eat me. lol

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A great shot!
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