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RIP A letter to the little kitten from work.

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I know it isn't really your owner's fault little kitten, but I can't help but blame them. I know she didn't mean to shut you in the door. She should have been watching you better. I wish we could have saved you. You were sooo sweet and loving. I can't stop crying for you... We tried our best to heal your paralized back end. We failed. We couldn't get you to urinate... we couldn't even pass a catheater. We did everything we could to keep your bladder from rupturing. But we failed at that too. We tried to call your mommy to get permission to let you go. But she wouldn't answer the phone. I hated watching you suffer and not be able to do a thing about it. You went into shock and were in so much pain. I'M SO SORRY I COULDN"T MAKE IT STOP FOR YOU!!! The only thing I can find comfort in is that you died in our arms. Surrounded by people who care about you. I wish we could have let you go peacefully. I wish your mommy would have answered the phone. We tried her home, work and cell phone numbers. She should have had her cell phone on her... I'm sorry little kitten....

I pray that you are happily running around with other kitties at the rainbow bridge... You were too special for this world... rest peacefully little one and know that we all cared for you.
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Godspeed over RB, little kitten..What a horrific experience for all of you, esp. the kitten. I'm glad that he's at peace now, playing happily over RB. Supposedly one of the benefits of being a pet and not a human is society's permission to be put out of suffering and misery, and that poor baby wasn't even given that
I send {{{{healing prayers and vibes}}}} that you are able to get over those awful memories this experience has given you - bless you for caring and staying there to the end, a truly courageous thing to do You choose the comforting of the kitten over the knowledge that this awful situation could haunt for days. Little kitty knows this and I know that he's looking down from RB, purring a thank-you.
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Oh my...how sad! That poor baby. run and play pain free little one,and enjoy your new life over the bridge. I'm so sorry you had to suffer. Thank goodness you last few moments were filled with love.
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RIP sweet baby kitten.

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Aww. How sad!

RIP sweet kitty!!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP little one, know you were loved.
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Awww I'm So Sorry
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What a very sad story, RIP little one, and what an awful situation it must have been for you, big hugs to you.
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