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Well I took care of a stray that was pregnant last year and the kittens were born around 4-30-06. One of the homes will not be working out and I told them we would take them on a temporary basis and work to find them homes. The kitten now has a separate companion and the owner wants to keep them together (I know the best way is if he kept them), but I don't think that is going to happen I just want to get ideas and input on how to find them homes.

We have not gotten them yet but it will put our cat population to 6 and one of the 4 we have now is the brother of the one being returned. The cat that wasn't born here has not been around dogs so that will be an adjustment. The owner I found did take good care of the kittens/cat but didn't research like he should have on the place he is renting with someone else, he's looking to save money. They are both nuetered and around the same age around a year and 3 months..

Any help/ideas would be appreciated.