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Same old crap again

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So I submitted a FAFSA form to get some financial aid for college for the fall semester, and I was denied. I talked to the financial aid office at the school and they said it was because I had a GPA lower than a 2.0. Wellll as of the end of the Spring Semester my GPA is over a 2.0. They told me that I need to submit an appeal, and since my records show that I have been working hard and doing well now that I shouldn't have a problem with the appeal being approved.

So I go on their website to look for the form I need, and there is no form on there that says anything about appeals, so I called the financial aid office to ask what form I needed and I got some woman who sounded really annoyed that she had to answer the phone and who wasn't very helpful at all. She gave me some other lady's email address and said to email her about it. So I emailed that lady just 25 minutes ago, and it will probably take forever for her to reply back to me. I don't understand why that other lady couldn't answer my stupid question (it seems like something they should know already, as I am sure more people than me have had to file appeals). I don't understand why whenever I have to do something like this I always get the runaround and handed off to different people. I don't understand why it always has to be SO HARD to get this stuff done!

I might end up going up to the financial aid office in person and bitching until somebody who knows something will actually answer my question. Sometimes you just have go up there and yell at people to get their attention . I don't like yelling at people, but if that's what it takes, so be it! I NEED MY MONEY!!!
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Why the Finantial CO made that kind of stuffs?...
I´m so sorry for you my friend...
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Usually an appeal is not a form (at least when I went to school), you had to write a letter to the student aid people referencing your case number etc and asking for an appeal at which time they would contact you asking for supporting documentation.

Oh and these people get yelled at every day, you won't help yourself by doing so, be polite and ask what you can do to expedite it
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No, I don't need to know what to do to expedite it, once you've actually send the appeal it doesn't take much time at all. I need to know HOW TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Nobody knows that for some reason. That's what I am having trouble with. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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thats how it is here. I had so much trouble finding out how to update my fin. aid stuff, and I Still got it wrong. And the letter was plain and clear and it confused them... i hate college crap!
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Can you ask to see a financial aid advisor? If s/he's good, always make appointments for the same one and build up a history with that person.
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Sorry Colleges are sucking left and right!!!

I have lived in the same town for the last two years ... and the local college tells me I am not a resident! Argh, so my tuition is twice the amount of everyone else's.
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Sweet, I am sure the financial aid office knows how to work their own appeals process -- something is getting lost in translation between you and them, some bit of jargon that either you or they are unfamiliar with.

I too have to appeal my financial aid award (or lack thereof) but for financial reasons. My university's website has several of their standard forms available online, but they can still be confusing. Your best course of action would be to go to the financial aid office in person, ask for an appointment with an advisor and explain your circumstances to them. Yelling will get you nowhere fast. "Please," "thank you" and "I would like" will open just about any door, as will having your "poop in a group" before you speak with them.

I've had my share of run-around for this upcoming semester, but usually everything was resolved promptly if I explained myself clearly and calmly until I was put in touch with the right person(s). Just remember that the folks who greet you may not be the ones with ALL the answers, but they ARE the only way you'll get to see the ones that are.
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