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I have a Question

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Shadow had 3 kittens yesterday and last night I changed her nesting box to a new the new box is exactly the same just a new one the old one was really yucky well since I did that she has been meowing alot and getting out and looking around coming to us. she kept us up all night long, and I would put her in another room but they are too cold for the kittens our room is the warmest. My question is why is she meowing like this and is there anything we can do for her?
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She trusts you and wants company. Is she a new mom? If she is, she's probably feeling a bit lost as most new mothers do. BUT, I would check her carefully to see if there's another kitten still in the stomach which may be causing her pain.

Is she nursing well?
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yes she is nursing and being a great mom she will pop out every once inawhile but always gos back i did feel her stomach and altjough i thought she was going to have more then 3 becuase she was big there doesnt seem to be anything in there. like you said I think she justs wants to make sure we arent leaving her she has always been a clingy cat just more vocal now. and she doesnt seem to be in pain or anything else either and she doesnt mind us touching the babies either i think shes wonering when its our turn to take over so she can have a break lol we got her when she was 5 weeks old found her outside. I'm just being a nervous nelly.
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