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I hurts so bad.....

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My husband brought home one night a cat which he thought was lost or someone just got rid off him. We called him silver and he became the seventh cat in our house. A couple of days later he brought in kitten about 3 weeks old which was I believed was seperated from her mother. We called he Mega and she was the ninth. Months passed and a friend wanted to adopt Silver, so before he was taken my friend and we thought it was best that he was fixed. so when we took Silver to the vet we also took in Mega for her shots. And to our utter surprise the vet told us that Mega was pregnant! She was only 7 months! WE were very excited as we have never had any pregnancies.
Months passed and the vet said that Mega would have just one or two babies. When the time came to our utter surprise Mega littered 5 babies!

The kittens were so cute and we named them Ninja, Micky, Dinky, Ruby and Wings. When they were 3 months old we decided to find them new homes. Here in Kuwait there are plenty of expatriates. Dinky was adopted and they went back to New Zealand. Wings was adopted and went to Lebanon. I decided to keep Ninja who was the first to be born and Micy was my husbands favourite and ruby was the youngest and she too stayed with us.

Days and months passed by and we were a happy family though I was not blessed to have children I was blessed with 13 beautiful kitties.

It was August the first and as usual getting ready to get to work and before that making sure that all the kitties are fed and petted. We live in the floor. This painful morning Ninja was as usual watching the birds sitting on the kitchen window will. Though I did not see it happen I believe that he would have tripped and fell down. When I was going down to the car I saw Ninja with blood all over. All that I remember after that was I at the vet holding my Ninja and begging him to help. One look and the vet said that he had a broken spine fractured legs and internal bleeding. Ninja was now bleeding from her nose and mouth too. The vet said the best thing I could do to let Ninja sleep. This was the most painful decision I had to make. Everything happened so fast and my Ninja was suddenly gone. It hurts, it hurts and it hurts sooooo bad. I miss my Ninja so much. Please help me how can I overcome this pain that I feel and every second I think of him I just miss him sooooo much! Ninja was 1 year and 4 months old.

Ninja my baby I miss you.......
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Awww I am sorry to hear about ninja,
sending a cat hug your way.....

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I am so very sorry to hear about your sudden loss of Ninja. Most of us here at TCS have gone through what you are going through now. I know that Ninja is healthy again, playing over The Rainbow Bridge. Sending prayers and hugs to comfort you.
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It is so hard to lose a cat that you love. You need to know that your Ninja is waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge. My thoughts are with you and your baby. Here is the link for Rainbow bridge.(http://www.petloss.com/poems/maingrp/rainbowb.htm

We have a forum area for Rainbow Bridge too on this site. You should visit there and post what happened to you with your beloved Ninja.
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I almost forgot, here is the link for you to visit on this site

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