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Woke up feeling sick

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Man if its not one thing its another. Woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach. Can my iron levels be low and could be causing this. I also have a slight headache.
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too bad my friend...
Did you take something for the headache?
Get well soon!
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I try not to take to much of that type stuff. I did last night before bed but as of right now no.
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Yes - low iron can make you feel very ill. After the birth of my 1st son I had hemoarging (sp?) and lost a lot of blood. Even with iron pills I felt horribly ill for a long while.

I am sending vibes that you will feel better soon. I read in another thread that you have an appointment on Thursday - I hope that this doctor will be able to help you. You are in my prayers and vibes are flying your way!
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Awww, here's some feel better vibes.
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Have you been keeping hydrated? Being dehydrated can give you a headache, and make you feel rather nauseous as well.
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Yes, your iron level could cause that -- and the iron pills you're taking (aren't you?) can also cause stomach upset. Sheesh. What a time you're having! Many, many vibes for feeling (and being) better soon...
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As for the hydration all I drink is water plus 2-3 8oz glasses of milk a day. So I probably drink at least 80-100 oz of water a day. Plus its been over 2 mths since I have not had any caffeine. And I watch my sodium intake.

Carol I have not bought any iron pills because I do not have the money for them till pay day. By the way thats tomorrow night. So I'll pick some up then.

I do have a feeling this is iron related. When I eat some protein this feeling goes away. But when the protein starts to leave my system I start to feel sick again. I just have to hold out till Thurday and they will check my levels.
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Y'know, at this point, you might not want to spend the money for them -- depending on what the doctor does for you on Thursday, iron pills may or may not be what you need. If your iron is really really low, they'll probably give you an injection of it, because you'll need more than your stomach could handle.

You've had so much tension for so long, it may be just nerves that are causing your stomach to be upset. I know that happens to me frequently. Try eating some plain soda crackers and see if that helps settle it for you.

Just one more day until you can finally get some help!
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