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Crazy Cat Lady (long)

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So... I have officially become a crazy cat lady - no, i'm not talking about hoarding 100 cats in place of relationships i don't have - i'm talking crying myself to sleep last night because the kitties have fleas and are now not allowed on the bed!

i'm kind of over it now this morning but man, was it a rough night. the cats have been to the vet and have been given their first treatment of Advantage (vet gave it to me, no choice) about a week ago. the few fleas the cats have are dying and jumping onto the furniture.

hubby is allergic to the flea bites, getting raised bumps where he's bitten. understandably, he wouldn't want the kitties in bed at night for fear of himself getting bitten.

two nights ago, we locked the kitties out and it went fine. so i didn't think it would be too bad last night. i was sooooo wrong!

the difference between the two nights was this: hubby went to bed before me two nights ago and i followed way passed my bed time - the fur babies had crashed in their favorite-not-the-bed places and didn't notice when I went to bed.

last night, hubby and i made a whole production of going to bed - mind you, we didn't say goodnight to the kitties and tried to avoid contact before hand, but it still didn't work.

our light was no sooner out and i heard Sneak pawing like the Dickens on the door. it broke my heart!

I really didn't expect it to affect me like it did - but keep in mind that Sneak always starts out the night curled up beside me (away from hubby) purr-purr-purring.

hubby and i then discussed why we were locking the kitties out when they only lay beside me, not near him. yes, i know, fleas are ucky - but i'm willing to look passed the bugs and see my babies, my furry, lovey-dovey babies!

Sneak finally stopped pawing at the door - just when i was about to put in my earplugs.

those came later at about 3:30 a.m. when Punkin started crying at the top of his lungs. i think he was trying to find me - he does this from time to time, i call to him, he walks up to the bed and then leaves, satisfied that he knows where his meowmy is.

i know what you all are thinking - if you made it this far in the post - i am a crazy cat lady.

well, guess what? i am proud to be a crazy cat lady!! and you won't make me feel bad.
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Awwww, I would have felt the same way. I can't stand to hear my babies calling for me when I can't do anything about it.

I hope the flea problem goes away FAST!!!!

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...poor thing...

Have you ever to try with another antyflea products?...
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last night was a bit better - at least Sneak didn't pound on the door. however, Punkin would NOT stop yeowling! I couldn't put in earplugs because I was going to get up earlier than my hubby and I didn't want the alarm to disturb him. Turns out I didn't need to set the alarm. I was up at 3 a.m., 3:30, 4:15, 5, 5:30, 6:20, and 6:59 - of course, 1 minute before the alarm was set to go off!

I just keep telling myself "I love Punkin, I love Punkin, I love Punkin" as I curl into the fetal position and rock back and forth!

good news is, i think most of the fleas are gone. I saw one still crawling around on Sneak but I couldn't pick it off him in time. we haven't had any more on the sofa. and, as you all know, none in the bed cause DH won't let me have them in there.

hmmm... should we choose fleas and sleep or no fleas and no sleep? you know how I'd vote.
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