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Question of the Day - August 7th

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Do you have an air conditioner in your home?
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Central Air... Comes with the apartment!!! Actually using it alot this year, its been VERY humid here and kind of hot (80's - 90's)!
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It's only a couple of months out of the whole year that we could use it so we get by. I do worry about the cats sometimes. Often, it's cooler outside so when we take them out for a walk they get to cool off too.
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No we haven't got one.
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Today is a high of 84 here with 100% humidity and a dewpoint of 72%. There are days when Im glad we have air, though if I had it my way, Id use fans most the time (Im weird, I like it warm... just not so humid)...
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Central air...Thank God, I don't do well in the heat
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Window unit for us. I grew up with central air, but the window unit isn't bad a all.
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Yep and we use the ceiling fans a lot too - if its not over 90 degrees we usually have the AC off and ceiling fans/windows open (as long as its not muggy outside).
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We have two window units.
One in each bedroom, even though the second bedroom is occupied by cats.
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Central air and my ceiling fans run year round!
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We have a window AC in the living room. I miss central air.
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Yup - thank goodness - it has been so sumid. It is old however and will need replacing soon.
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nope and it is stinking roasting, 90% humidity and 35oC. Its murder.
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We have a window unit in the bedroom and broke down and bought two window units for the first floor this weekend. The larger one has been installed and since the meteorologist says today is going to be the most humid day of the year so far (hard to imagine), it will be on soon.
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Yes (thanks to God!) ...........a mini split in our main room!
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We have one window unit for the bedroom. We pretty much only use it at night and it's usually set to 78. It's not the temperature so much as the humidity. I can sleep in an 80 degree room that isn't humid.

During the day, we use fans and the kitties sleep.
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For only the second time in my life, I can say, yes, I have central air!! Actually, the first time I had AC, it was only a window unit. Last year, the cats were so hot and just laid around; this year, they are bouncing of off the french doors and having a blast because they never get hot! Thank God for central air!
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Yes, central air. Don't know what we would do without it!! It has been 100 degrees here the past few days with the heat index of 105-110. (That's hot!! ) No relieve in sight. So thankful for the central air!!
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yep I have it, but my goal this year has been not to use it, not an easy task living in a metal box with a tar roof bot I've got fans going, two oscillating, two box and two ceiling going all the time so its bearable, just barely bearable
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we have central air, I am glad the appartment has it, its going to be hot here today about 95 but they say it will feel more like 105!
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No A/C so surviving with lots of fans (2 oscillating, 2 box, one small window and one celing fan in bedroom. Our house is quad level so I have dehumidifier on in basement and actually the family room isn't too bad-all blinds shut and windows aren't open so doesn't get above upper 70's. The bedrooms on top level are hot though. We don't have ductwork for central A/C and we have casement windows so window units are for the most part not practical. the cats spend lots of time outside or laying on the cement floor of the garage.
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Window unit in bedroom and living room. It sure comes in handy last night as it was so humid I had hard time breathing. I don't handle heat well and there were a few times DH didn't turn it on because 'he was fine'. I told him we can switch places- I sit at the couch reading paper sipping ice water, and he cook, clean, feed & play w/kitties...etc. Needless to say the house is always cool when it's hot and humid .
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Yes, they have central air where I am now living.
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We have 3 window units. Our home is small and with all 3 running it keeps the whole house cool. We don't run them everyday only when it is 90 degrees or higher.
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Unfortunately no, just a lot of fans, and a ceiling fan. Since I would only need it about 2 months out of the year I have developed a sort of just suffer threw it attitude.
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We have central air- and a floor fan in our bedroom- I HATE the heat & LOVE it when its colder than heck in the house
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Yes we do! And it's a necessity! With metal roof and siding and only 1 tree for shade (on the wrong side of the house!) it's typically at least 10 degrees warmer in the house than it is outside if we don't have it on. That's nice on a sunny winter day, but not in the summer!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Do you have an air conditioner in your home?
Central air. Wouldn't buy a house without it anymore. To darn hot.
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Central air!! I cant stand the heat/humidity!!!
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Yes, 2 window units as the central needs replacing. Also a box fan in the kitchen to help circulate air. Topaz likes to lay so the air ruffles her belly fur.

I have problems with the humidity these days.
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