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Just Me

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Well trying to find a place to live and dealing with a sick 4 month old and a 11 year old boy changing and a boyfriend is a lot but I will try to get on and chat I miss everyone here OOOOOOOOO BTW my inbox is now 100% empty
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Nice to see you .....
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I missed u all also.. ALOT!
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Nice to see you, hope it's nothing serious with Abby
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She might have to have tubes yuck.. but my son decided to swallow a quarter 3 weeks ago and now has to have surgery ooh the fun of kids
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Its good to see you. How are the kitty cats and how have they adjusted to Abby? When I saw your thread, I was hoping you were posting updated pics of your baby girl.

Sounds like you have a lot going on. Im sorry to hear about Abby, but if she needs tubes, Im sure that will make her feel so much better.

Sending many vibes your way.
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u want pictures I have them ones lol
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Of course!! Post them!
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Video of her rolling over now she does it in 2 sec flat

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She is absolutely precious!!!! I love how she talks to you, too that is so sweet!!!! What a good Mom you are teaching her things like that. That last pic of her I could just kiss her all over that sweet face!
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OMG She is so cute! I can't believe your son swallowed a quarter! Was it a dare or something? That's quite a "what I did this summer" story!
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OMG she's just precious...My Dad would call those Bumpy Cheeks I could kiss those cheeks till the cows came home

Good luck with everything
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Yes she has cheeks lol She has tons of rolls. She is my rolly polly lol She is 15lbs now and is a gabber so she is now AbbyGabby LOL.

As for the quarter we have no clue the exact story. I got the I was playing it landed in my mouth and I swallowed it. Am sure there is more.
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Her giggling a first today...

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What a sweet girl!!! Oh my goodness- she's gotten soo big too!!!!! I just love the video of her "talking to you" while she's trying to roll over Too cute!!! It's good to see you back around the threads!
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i love it here
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Nice to see ya again!!! Your 'lil girl is getting so big!! Shes such a doll..
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Hope everything goes well with your son. When I was about his age I swallowed a penny. Luckily it made it all the way through. I was lying on the floor pretending I was a coke machine or something, and it just went right on down.

Now when i think about how nasty money is..... yuk!!
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Hey, nice to see you again! I can't see videos at work, but those pictures are precious!!!
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