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I Am So Upset...kitten Sick...again!

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I've posted in the past about my fostering kittens. My first litter was easy..Second litter I had a sick one but he pulled through and just got adopted to a permanent home August 1st.
Now , this third litter..well I cannot even call it a litter. I have a torty about 9 weeks old, two6-7 week old (girl and boy) that I know are siblings...a grey one and black one and then a tiny little thing with the biggest bug eyes i have ever seen on a kitten, he is about 4-5 weeks.
I call him my little Gizmo...black and white tiny little baby..so fragile.
I got him at 6 ounces and now he is well over a pound, but he has been sick most of the time. He eats very good..like a little pig.
Sunday I could see again he was not well, so i called my fostercoodinater
I wanted to bring him in ASAP cuz he was coughing and wheezy..they told me to bring him in on Monday/ Well. they kept him,he has pneumonia.
He just finished his antibiotics last week for a URI..I guess it was not all gone and settled in his chest. I take him in every Monday to get a vet check cuz he has been so ill. I am so worried they are gonna give up on him..they have so many kittens. I literally begged them not to and that I will do anything in my power to help him get better. I know I can do it.
God, I hope I did not do anything to cause this,,I keep going over his daily routine...i think I gave him good care.
I had him eating kitten food (wet and dry) and now they are giving him KMR..that stuff gave him the runs... bad. I was feeding him pedialyte and kitten food. I feel funny telling them what to do but I had him every day and I know what works and doesn't with him. He loves to be combed..he lays there and just stares at me..like Oh YES!
Please send healthy vibes, so he pulls through... He is a special lil Guy
I am posting a picture....
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aww im sending healthy your way for this little one,your doing everything you can for this little one bless you. his so tiny but very cute
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Thanks for the vibes.....Gizmo is doing alot better, The vet said he is eating good and getting frisky.I will get him back on Friday to finish what I started. he and his littermates will go back at 2 pounds, get neutered and hopefully adopted to great families. Then on to the next babies that need help!
thanks again!
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awwww, he is soooo cute, you are his angel. Sometimes fostering is hard, isn't it!
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