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Daily Thread Tuesday August 7th!

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Morning cat friends!

It is Tuesday! So much better to start the week on a Tuesday than a Monday isn't it?

Not much going on around here today...heading off to the gym after work...and thats about it I guess..

I hope you all havea good one
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Good Morning!

We are getting around 90% humidity the entire week , and then the office is freezing.

Not too much going on here either. Plan to shop for more cat toys for Fred & Ginger today. Good stress reliever.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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good morning

I woke up around 5am this morning with really bad cramps so I took a hot shower.
Now it's 7:30 and I have to get ready for work. I wish I could sleep some more, but even if I tried, Kinah wouldn't let me. She spent the last hour trying to get me up by yelling in my ear.

So nothing special today. Apparently the subway line I take to work is closed right now so it could make going to work fun.
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Happy Tuesday! it's a couple of hours from hump day, i'm roasting a shoulder of pork and made my own apple sauce. Anyone for tea?
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Last week of my 4 week summer holiday - back to work on monday.
Sunshine and 24 degrees C (75 degrees F) . outside.
Been busy designing a dog (blasphemy!) site for my friends papillon kennel - the logo and basic design are now finished.
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Good Morning!

Our mattress arrived yesterday and it was wonderful last night. I woke up this morning without a single back ache and you can tell we didn't toss and turn all night. The covers were still as nice and straight as can be.

It's going to be in the mid 90's but with the humidity it will feel like 106 degrees.

I hope everyone is able to stay nice and cool!!
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Question, isn't it suppose to be a treat when your coworkers go on vacation, meaning you get a vacation from that person? One of my coworkers is trying to give me more work than necessary, insisting something is wrong. He's on vacation this week and is checking his emails daily. He's concerned because he didn't receive email for 8 hours on Saturday

I hope this day gets better.
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Morning/evening everyone!!

Up early this morning to do a load of laundry so I could get it dried before it gets so hot out!!

Nothing really planned today, probably just lounging around and staying indoors where it is cool!!

Hope everyone has a great day/evening!!
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Well its overcast and fairly cool yet (73F) but humid.
Still feel icky though-lightheaded, hungry but nothing really appeals to me.
Have dentist appt this afternoon-hopefully I'll feel better then!!
If I felt better I would be working in my flower beds....
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Looks like we are in for some rain here today, we could sure use some the forest fire rating is extreme.

Heading off to work in a bit, not overly energetic today, ended up pulling a double shift yesterday because one of my lovely co-workers decided to call in sick. Amazing how this happened on the Monday of a long weekend..

Luckily it should be a fairly routine easy day since I just have purchase orders to do.

The kitties are good, birdwatching at this moment. There is a huge flock of starlings in the tree across the street and that is keeping them entertained.

Flocking birds means autumn is on the way

Everyone have a good day.
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It's still morning for about 20 minutes here so Good Morning!!! Noodles is sitting on the desk with her feet hanging off over the keyboard, but she hasn't typed anything....yet!

Last night DH and I were talking about how I haven't done anything weird in my sleep in a while. Well, this morning I woke up with my shirt on backwards. Lord only knows if I did that before bed or sometime in the night. Guess I spoke too soon!

Not too much on tap for today. Planning on making a home-made pizza for dinner tonight. That means I need to go to the store and get the spinach I forgot to pick up yesterday. We're under a Heat Advisory here so I was hoping to not leave the house if I didn't have to. Poor DH is out in it.
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Morning all.

The cats are impatiently waiting for me to feed them and I need to work on laundry. Other then that, it's hotter then Hades outside and I'm not leaving unless one of the cats needs something or hubby calls and needs something.

Since neither one is going to happen, I'm holing up and hiding from the heat and work today. Gotta love those days off.

Better go and feed the cats quick before their 13-22 pound bodies starve

Have a fantastic day all stay cool!
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Good day.

It is great to be back. 2 weeks is too long to be away from this site!

Merlin sure was peeved this morning that I left to go to work and didn't spend the day with him. He was sitting on the chair waiting for me and instead of staying and snuggling - I left. I bet he wishes I was still on sick leave.

My parents are coming for dinner tonight, so I have to stop off at M&M meats at lunch to pick up a dessert like item. Hope that it doesn't mlet all over me on the bus ride home. I used to be able to pick up any last minute items at the grocery store 5 minutes from my house, but they are closing down and have not restocked anything they have sold out in weeks.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good evening!

Its now 18:10, and im about t0 head int0 w0rk!!

Have a nice evening every0ne!
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Hi. Got up at five this morning to get my chores done before a seven-fifteen doctor's appointment, on the way back home I stopped by HARDEE'S and got a sausage biscuit for Mom and biscuits and gravy and coffee for myself. Decided to fix the roast for supper early so the kitchen wouldn't be unbearably hot later this afternoon. That's been my adventures so far today.
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