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Freaked out

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Ok, I woke up in the middle of the night and Popsie was next to me so I started petting him. Usually when I touch him while he's sleeping he'll raise his head or streatch or do something. Well, this time he didn't move. I messed with his paw which irks him and he still didn't move. So I laid my hand on him and couldn't feel breathing. By now I'm panicking so I turn on the light and sit up. A look at his belly told me he was breathing softly. He was sleeping like a rock. I was totally freaked that he had passed away. That's not the first time Popsie's done that to me either.
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It's horrible when they do that!

I found Radar this morning passed out on the sofa on his back with his mouth half open. Didn't even look up when I went into the room which is unusual, so of course I had to check on him - he was fine, just in a deep sleep after spending all night playing with Sonic and eating my toes

I'm glad your little one was ok!
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OH goodness..... my Mutty is 16 and I check on her all the time to make sure she's breathing because she'll get into these deep sleeps just like that and scare me!!!

Glad he's ok!!
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Yikes!! I bet that did scare you.

Glad hes ok!!
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Oh man, don't you just hate when they scare you like that. I've had that same exact thing happen to me a few times.
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I know!
They call it cat-napping for a reason! Chichi scared the crap out of me the other night, She does this cute thingy where she fall asleep with her head resting on my arm- well I went to move my arm and she did'nt wake up! Her head just rolled onto the bed-all heavy.Needless to say, she got her beauty sleep disturbed.
We get so used to them just napping, when they do actually get some deep sleep we go and wake them up lol

Glad eveyones kitties are ok!
I wonder what they think about us when we go to sleep
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Friday does that to me all the time. He's too trusting I think. I'm not sure which is worse, Friday doing that or Hemmy sticking his claws in my back while I'm sleeping.
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