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Dramas in our house this morning

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I was woken at 6 AM by the sound of a cat fight, a real humdinger. I jumped up and found all the cats in a high state of excitement, yelling insults at a large tabby who was peering in the French doors. They were also having a go at each other, the hormones had kicked in. I clapped my hands on the door and the tabby ran away, then tried to calm them down. But Wellington rushed upstairs to look through the top windows, decided that was no good, leapt from the window sill to the stair banister, missed his footing and fell about 12 feet to the bottom of the stairs. I rushed down again, to see him sitting on the rug, holding a paw in the air and looking shocked. Of course I thought he had broken a leg, and approached him carefully. But he seemed to be alright when I touched him and eventually I picked him up and sat on the sofa with him while I examined him all over. Other than being dazed, I think he is fine, but he just wanted to cuddle for half an hour. He has eaten and pooped since then, and is now sitting on my bedroom windowsill watching the ponies and the birds. He is walking OK. I shall watch him carefully today, but I don't think a vet visit is necessary unless he shows some other symptoms. I eventually found loads of clumps of black cat hair by the kitchen window, but I can't find any signs of damage on Dushka or Ellie, so I don't know which of them suffered in the fight. All the cats are a bit subdued this morning - obviously they had a hard night.
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Oh no! I'm sure they'll settle down and be fine. Maybe they were worked up because they thought if you saw the new cat first that you might keep that one too!
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Oh poor Wellington! He must have been so scared... not to mention how you felt seeing him fall! Please give that handsome fellow a snuggle for me...
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I used to leave the door open which lead out to the backyard in the afternoon so my last cat, Twiggy could come and go in the afternoon. Once when I was having a quick afternoon nap I awoke to the same sound and added to it by screaming myself. A cat fight in my house was one cat too many on the inside. Twiggy never was a very social animal. It seems a neighbourhood tom had come in to make friends with Twiggy. One of the two of them had either accidentally or intentionally closed the door on him and little Miss Twiggy was going at him. Poor fella had nowhere to go. He must have been terrified. It was a simple matter to open the door and lead him back to it where he was more than happy to make a hasty exit. Never saw him around again.

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Oh no. I hope Wellington is OK.
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Oh Sweet Wellington, he was just protecting his territory, I hope he's okay
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Poor Wellington, I hope he'll be okay.
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wow, what a way to be woken up! lots of vibes that Wellington is ok!
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I have been woken out of a deep sleep several times by the cats seeing someone new late at night. It makes your heart race!!
I hope Wellington's foot feels better.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
I hope Wellington's foot feels better.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

thinking on Wellington!
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Thanks everyone. Wellington is fine thank goodness. He is totally back to himself, I just hope he thinks twice about where he jumps in future. From now on I shall close the curtains so the cats can't immediately see any nocturnal visitors. I am glad there are feral cats around, though, and I am sure this one is feral, unlike Biscotte and Bonaparte. It means the area is safe for cats.
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