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Could it be...?

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Sadie is doing a complete 180 in her personality Here lately she hardly aknowleges me at all and loves my husband. When he is around she purrs and insists on being petted constantly if hes not petting her she is standing up beside him trying to bat at him to get his attention..When you pet her her bottom rises up and it looks a bit pink and swollen....Could she be going into heat? She is only 3 months 2wks and 1 day old...
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the earliest iv heard of a female going into heat is 4 months old, but i never seen it being pink or swollen? and a lot of cats will put their bum in the air when patted there. if she puts her bum in the air and her complete front goes down on the floor and she starts kneeding like crazy then it could be that she is going in to a early heat.
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