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Allergy Sufferer - Terrible Dilemma

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I have always had a cat friend - since I was 10 years old. In my mid thirties now, I cannot imagine not having a cat in the house. However, I have a terrible problem.

The background:
About 5 years ago my cat passed away and a few months later I adopted an abused cat from the shelter. 2 years after that I rescued a cat that was going to be put to sleep at 10 years old because he had become inconvenient. Several months after that I started to develop terrible allergies to many things - my cats included. Although the cats bother my allergies all the time, during ragweed season their presence becomes unbearable. Due to an immune system problem I am unable to receive allergy shots, and my doctors have told me I have to get rid of the cats as it is causing me too many problems.
However, the last cat I adopted is 13 years old and no one wants him because he is too old. The other cat is 8 years old and no one wants her because she has a thyroid problem and is obese. Plus, her severe abuse that I rescued her from has made her have some bad traits that she has never been cured of, such as defecating on the floor. Luckily she only does it in the basement, which has a concrete floor that is easily javexed.

So I am in a terrible situation. For my health I have to get rid of my 2 babies, but no one wants them. And the 8 year old had such a bad start to her life I am afraid that she will be abused again because of her problems. And it is not very nice for them to live with me, because we always used to cuddle and now I can't even touch them. A brushing means swelled shut eyes and a bleeding throat. Literally.

Does someone have advice? I know it is a tall order, but only another cat lover could understand my problem. My doctors certainly can't.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Oh that's terrible!!!

Are there any meds you can take? This one lady that volunteers at my shelter is severly allergic to fur. If you do end up rehoming them, give them to a close relative or friend. They can email you pics all the time and let you know how the babies are doing. In the meantime, you could work on stregenthing your amune system. I have a weak one, too, and am severley allergic to dustmites. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and I am praying for a miracle so you can keep your babies.

Some vibes..

Edit: Here's a link about some ways to reduce your syptoms. Try everything you can:
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Before you resort to rehoming have you tried some of these tricks?

1. Wipe down the cats every day (with a washcloth) in DISTILLED water - usually you can pick up gallon jugs at your local grocery store.

2. Keep the cats out of your bedroom at all times.

3. Vacuum with the Hepa filters.
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