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High-wall, roofless litter box idea

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Rubbermaid SnapTopper Crystal Clear Box - 60 qt
Rubbermaid Revelations Storage Box - 66 qt

Purchased at Home Depot for roughly $10.00.

If anyone can figure out what tool we can use to cut these neatly and accurately, than they would make a great roofless, high-wall litter box for the litter kickers in our lives.

I attempted to cut one with an exacto knife tonight and the side wall simply split open.

I got the idea from this: Side-Access Litterbox
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if you cut them they may become sharp, can you melt them apart instead, it would probably be easier to melt them apart and it would give you soft edges...altho I have no idea what you could melt it with
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We use the rubbermaid containers for our litterboxes. They work great!, my husband cut the opening in the side of them with wire cutters, and then sanded the sharp edges.
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Maybe a Dremmel tool (I think that is what it is called) might work out!!
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Originally Posted by Paulena View Post
Maybe a Dremmel tool (I think that is what it is called) might work out!!
I was thinking a Dremmel or perhaps a saughtering iron would work to melt/cut the hole.
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Thank you all, I will try again with wire cutters and a dremel.
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We have 5 of the Rubbermaid boxes in the house as litter boxes. One of them is for my mom's cat and the other 4 are mine. I cut mine with a jig saw. I made marks on the box of where I wanted to cut the opening, then I used a drill to drill a starting hole at the corners. I put the jigsaw in the holes and cut it out. They work great!
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To make these:

Skippymjp used something like this:

I bought one of those knives and still haven't used it to create anything. Love to see what you've made when it is done
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There is a type of saw blade used for cutting ceramic tile that looks like a thick piece of wire coated with a coarse abrasive. It's not too expensive. You can get one at a hardware or home supply store. It cuts in any direction. Use a file to tweak the shape of the hole after cutting. Get some coarse and fine sand paper to smooth the edges. If you place masking tape on each side of the hole where you make your cuts, and not take it off till you're done sanding you should get a pretty professional looking hole in the side of the container.
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Kind of a hijack here what type of sandpaper should one use on plastic like this? Thanks!
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well, they don't make sandpaper specifically for plastic that I know of anyway. Just get the cheapest stuff you can find. For straight edges, wrap it around a ruler or something. For curved areas wrap it around an empty paper towel tube or something like that.
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Thanks I am a construction dummy! Fine sandpaper would probably be best?
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i cut an access hold in the side of a dishpan for Firefox when she was really tiny. i used a Dremel-type rotary cutter to start it, then just scissors, then sanded the cut with the rotary tool & the sander extension. but i'd like to get one of those hot knives - Skippymjp's 'cat condo' cuts are really smooth-looking.
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I've got a really dumb question - why cut a hole in the side? Why not let them jump in from the top?

I use Sterilite bins because they are about half the price of Rubbermaid and the sizes they sell aren't quite as tall but have equal volume. My cats jump over the top edge.
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Maybe it`s just my imagineation...but are`nt the clear containers a more brittle plastic than the colored ones? We buy the colored ones and my hubby cuts the opening with a utility knife with no problem.
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I either use a scissors or Mike's small hand saw that we specifically bought for cutting an entrance into rubbermaids for litterboxes. I buy the $3 sterilite tubs from Target.
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