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That's some GOOD 'nip!

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When I was in Ohio, Christy and I went to an arts and crafts fair. A lady was selling home made catnip pillows, made with freshly and organically grown 'nip from her own garden/greenhouse. I picked up 3, and ohmygosh I should have gotten more! I have some very happy kitties! (Pardon the mess, we both just got back from traveling, the kitties made a mess and found a couple socks...)

Mojo was the first to take off with one of the pillows

Trent came out to join in the fun

Actually, Ginger was the first, and second, but Mojo and Trent stole the nip pillows from her when she let go. But finally, she got her own to roll on

Then Ginger decided that she wanted the pink one Trent was playing with...

Even though I offered Trent the other one, he still gave Ginger a whack for the trouble.

Apparently the pink one was the best (Thanks for picking it out Christy!), and Mojo wanted to play with it too

Ophelia wanted to play on their box

Look at that white tummy!

This must have been some seriously good nip!

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Looks like they enjoyed thier presents!
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good ol' nip, LOL!
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Those are some 'nipped up kits!
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Catnip party They are just precious...and there is that handsome boy Trent
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Mojo is just so gorgeous and shiney!!!!
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they let you get on the plane with that potent of stuff?? they look like seriously enjoyed their souveniers!
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Those are some happy kitties for sure.
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Wait a minute - you only bought 3 when you have 4 cats?!?!?!?!? Bad mom!!!

Your babies are so adorable. Did you tell Trent that he couldn't play with pink toys cause they belong to the girls?
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Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your babies! They all look so happy Cats are so cute when they play with nip, they go all crazy!

Your cat Ginger reminds me of my childhood cat Scruffy. My parents found her in the woods while we were camping. Lucky we found her because she wouldn't of had a chance otherwise - because Scruffy was deaf & blind. We used to take her to camp with us & put her on a leash so she didn't get hurt but could still smell the scents in the air. Brings back memories

We look forward to seeing more pictures of your precious cats!
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I wish I could have gotten video. They were all SO funny!

Katie, they did allow it onboard, but that was the suitcase that was opened and inspected by the TSA.

Amy, I know. Next year I'll buy 6 (they were 3 for $5) so they can bounce around from one nip bag to another. LOL

Katz4Life, your Scruffy sounds like a very special kitty from your life.
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Your kitties are soooooo cute!

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Those are some seriously nippy kitties you have there, Heidi. Seriously cute, too.
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Doesn't Trent know pink is for girls?
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Trent is comfortable enough with his masculinity that he's OK playing with pink toys if it means the best 'nip.

Honestly, I think the pink one is made of the lightest material, so it has the strongest nip flavor and smell. ALL of the pillows were soaked by the time they were nipped out!
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heheh there seems to be several threads with kitties on nip.

wow i am staring to feel like a dealer now lol

great pic, but really pink? hehe
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