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My Cat Has an Udder!

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Hey folks,
Just wondering about something....My Siamese/Russian Blue cat, Cranberry has a very large udder looking thing on her belly near her hind legs. She is a very happy, active indoor cat and doesn't seem to be bothered by it, but I just wonder what might cause this and if anyone knows if there is anything I can do to make it go away. It swings back and forth when she runs, which is somewhat amusing to watch, but if it's something that can be fixed, I want to be able to help her.

Thanks for reading,
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maybe it's just a bit of flab hanging down
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It sounds like "spay sway". My Stumper has it. As you said, it's amusing to watch when she runs.

In spite of the name male cats can have it also. The best explanation I've seen is that it is a pouch where protective body fat is stored. If you do a search on "spay sway" you'll find several threads on the subject.
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It is a protective layer of fat tissue. It helps to protect their inner organs during a fight
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Both George and Pearl (2 of my 4 Siamese brats, er, I mean cats *grin*) have this as well. For a long time, I thought I should be feeding them less or playing with them with the wand toys more often, but what I learned about this was that some cats require the extra expanse of skin to stretch out to their full body length, such as when they are running, chasing prey or toys or reclining. If you more closely examine this "udder" (very descriptive way of referring to it!) in cats that are otherwise of a good weight and muscle tone, you will see that it is mostly a layer of skin with very little, if any fat underneath. And it disappears when they stretch out.
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That's facinating! Seb has a pouch in addition to being pleasantly fluffy When he stretches out, it isn't as obvious, though. I learned something today! Thanks
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I think it's more obvious on very shorthaired cats like Siamese. Sonic's is more noticeable than Radar's, just because his hair is ultra short - Radar is a shorthair but has more belly fluff so you don't notice his as much amongst that. Whenever I see photos of Sphynx I am always looking at their bellies to see the little fat pad and the loose wrinkly skin there, it looks really cute on them

Here's a link to a lovely Sphynx photo where you can see the little bit of fat and skin bunching up on his lower belly because of the way he's sitting - perfectly normal, perfectly healthy, just part of being a feline
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My gizmo has this as well! He is a fit cat (10 pounds), but he has a pouch the hangs down from his belly.
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2 of our 3 have it as well.
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Originally Posted by stampit3d View Post
2 of our 3 have it as well.
Same here, but only on the females!!
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My older female and older male both have this too.
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My cat and my boyfriend's cat have it. And they are both males.
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Our new kitty Max is just 10 months old and I noticed that he too has a hangy bag of skin "udder" I thought it was odd when I went to pick him up... until I saw this thread... Now I know its perfectly normal...

He is a healthy weight which is why I thought it strange he had that, because Horatio is a tubby tub tub & doesnt have that & of course Yuki my skinny mini doesnt have that either.

But Good to know that its perfect normal for Max to have that "boy udder" lol
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After we got our female cat Sliver spayed - she developed udders. When she runs around - it sways back & forth. We call her our little cow, its looks like you could milk her. Shes slender everywhere else but her chubby udders. Shes our darling cow cat
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