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moonlight's in a lot of pain!

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I'm worried.

Moonlight is not his normal self. He is not awake during his active hours and just has a painful expression in his eyes. He's had so many matting problems and is stressed. We got that comb today (that others recommended on the other forum) and got a few knots out. We called the best groomer in our county and she said she can get him in but not until next week. I'm afraid to take him to a Petsmart or Petco because their groomers are like teenagers and I don't know that they know that much about grooming. Plus this lady is specailized in Himalayans and Persains. His Birthday is a week from today (next monday) and I don't want him to be in pain for that.

Any suggestions? Is there a pain killer for cats?
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If you are not afraid, you could just get him a lion cut. Mats hurt a LOT, like having your hair pulled all the time. Poor Madden. (I've got a couple with some matting right now, and trying to deal with it too.)
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If he's in excessive pain, you can talk to your vet. They may be able to knock him out enough to cut out the mats or give him a lion cut. One of my former vets would do this. They wouldn't knock the kitty out like for surgery, but give the kitty enough to make him/her docile enough to handle for the grooming.

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I think we will have to get the lion cut.

What really scares me is that when I tried to pet him he bit me. Now whenever people pet him he bites them because he thinks they're going to work on his knots. It breaks my heart. Moonlight used to be the cat that always wanted to be pet. There's this cat at the shelter I volunteer at who has a lion cut and she will bite if you pet her sides. I hope Moonlight doesn't do that after he gets his new cut. (if it results to that) But then again, this cat is a feral, and doesn't quite trust people yet.
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Oh, I'll bet he'll feel great once he gets that taken care of.
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