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My cat and the vaccum

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Popsie is scared of the vaccum but whenever I run it he has to be in the same room. Why would he want to be near if he's scared? Makes no sense.
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He has to watch the terrible creature to make sure it does no harm! My Seb is the same way. Watches from a distance on full alert
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I've three cats, all three with different reactions to the vacuum cleaner.

Pooch always hides as soon as I start to unwire the cord.
Luke watches from afar for a few minutes with BIG eyes until he runs off to hide too.
Kelly watches me, not scared.
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Maybe despite the noise she feels safer near you.

I taught mine not to be afraid of it by taking the plastic extension tube (not attached) and wiggling it around and letting them pounce it. It backfired because now Hemmy won't move while I'm vacuuming. Even if you bump him with it he just lays there. I have to stop and pick him up.
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Cats are just weird

Charlie doesn't like the vacuum either and at first he would not stay in the same room - sometimes now he'll stick around but only on a table, treehouse, washer/dryer and watch.
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ALl of my cats except Rocket will run from the vacum. Rocket will sit high up and watch it while I'm vacuming. He's fascinated with it. But then do you expect anything else from an Abyssinian?
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Nope - probably why Charlie acts that way too - with the aby in the background
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Nope - probably why Charlie acts that way too - with the aby in the background
Aren't they a bundle of fun?
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My oldest, Rocky, will attack and hiss at the vacuum. He rushes out and slaps it with his paws. It's pretty funny!
The other two just watch from a distance, but will take off if it gets too close.
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Oh yes, can't wait to get another oci. I love the cornish rex, but the aby personality in oci's I love even more
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How cute... my Amadeus is TERRIFIED of the vacuum and will run and hide behind all of my long formals in the closet when it's running. Yet when it's not running and is just sitting in the corner of the living room, he'll come and LAY on it!!!

Sebastian is somewhat indifferent to it. He doesn't really want it near him and he'll move away, but he'll stay in the same room sometimes.

From my experience it seems most cats are at least apprehensive of the vacuum cleaner.
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Both Fred & Ginger runs to the foyer as soon as our hands touch the vacuum cleaner. When vacuum starts they start running across the room and observe the 'monster' from a distance.
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