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Its National Root Beer Float Day

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We're having our float to celebrate the day
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OooOOoo! My Grandpa used to make me those. That sounds good right now!
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Now, why wasn't big news like this on TV yesterday, in time for Americans to prepare for the festivities? My father and brother and I used to make root beer floats almost every night after dinner. It was a beloved family tradition! And here we sit with not a single ounce of root beer in the house...

We'll just have to call it Root Beer Float WEEK. I'll get the appropriate fixin's tomorrow!
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Love ice cream. Love root beer. Don't love 'em together.
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Now why didn't they put this on the calenders?
I Rootbeer Floats!
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Woohoo! Our root beer order arrived and I don't think Nate's guzzled it all yet
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I haven't had one of those forever
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...SO Cheers then!...
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My hubby loves these, just drinks root beer out the can too (he is American) personally I hate root beer its soooooooooo disgusting! lol
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I haven't had one in years! Sounds good though, so maybe I will get one this weekend
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Ooooh, wave of nostalgia just kicked in......

Way back when, after Sunday evening worship services (Grandpa was the preacher), we'd stop at the store and get a gallon of vanilla ice cream and then to the A&W drive-in for a gallon of root beer.

I feel like I'm 10 years old again!
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