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Hopefully Temporary Siamese

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So, I went to get dinner last night. Ordered Iced Tea and a baked potato from Wendys, started to pull up to the window to pay.. and sitting on the ledge of the window (off to the side, not where the window slides open), was a cat.

Just sitting there, watching everyone drive by. I asked them about her, and they said she had been there for three hours. They were about to call animal control (who doesn't have a very good record with cats), and me, being waaaay too soft hearted, offered to take her home.

So, I have a part Siamese cat hanging out in my library. She's shy, but affectionate - although, she's hating seeing the other cats through the french doors. She seems healthy, not hurt, and has been eating and drinking. She has a collar so she has to belong to someone.

I've left a message with animal control in case anyone calls there, letting them know what she looks like, and dropped off fliers to Wendys and the businesses around them. If I don't hear from anyone by Wednesday, I'll put a free 'found' add in the local paper.

I just really hope her owner sees the messages, and calls me - I already have nine cats, I can NOT have anymore.

(awww, but she's rubbing against my foot and purring now!)
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Poor confused kitty doesn't know whats up. She keeps rubbing against me, then will hiss and bat at me (which makes me pretty sure she's declawed). I'll turn away from her, and then she's rubbing up against me again.

I think the fact that she can see my other cats through the door isn't helping. I might take her upstairs tonight and put her behind a full door, where they can only smell each other.
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AWWW bless your big soft heart! Looks like she was just sitting there waiting for you to come along Please do let us know how it goes with finding her owners. You did an awesome thing!
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Just what we need -- drive-through adoptions!
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Just what we need -- drive-through adoptions!
*walks back into store*

"miss! Miss! I ordered a orange tabby kitten, and uh, got this.." *holds flailing black male cat, not at all please at it's temporary paper bag confinement, which now looks more like confetti..*
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