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Rats I have the flu!!

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Went to visit my niece and nephew and brought back the flu!
Nothing like covering oneself up with two blankets and a wool quilt in a house with no A/C in August.
Now Neil says he feels kinda blah too.
I felt good last night and had lots of plans for today. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
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I'm so sorry you're not feeling well We've had something going around here with a very high fever and I've been lucky enough to miss it so far

Get better soon.
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Wishing you a quick recovery!
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Sheesh, I think we're getting hit with the flu season early this year. My friend in Milwaukee came down with flu like symptoms today, and I'm in Ohio and I'm getting the runny nose and headache/bodyache deal going on.

I'm desperately trying to fight it and it's sort of working (tons of Vit C, eating well, lots of water, getting enough sleep). I can't wait till flu shots become available...
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Ick. Sorry you're feeling yucky. I hope you feel better tomorrow.
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I hope you feel better soon.

I don't have the flu but I have had a bad cold for the past couple days. My throat hurts, the sides of my neck are swollen, stuffy nose, that itchy feeling in my chest and coughing. I guess theres just something going around.

Get better vibes coming your way
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Aww you poor thing, get well soon *hugs*

Can't win in this weather, we're almost at the end of Winter and i'm trying to avoid getting sick, but once we hit summer, then come the bad headaches

We should all live in little bubbles!
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That sucks! I agree with Emma - we need to live in bubbles! Ever since I got sick with gastroenteritis, I have been feeling off - not interested in food, tired, depressed. If it doesn't improve, I am off to the doctor on Monday!
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Hope you feel better soon, Gail.
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Yuck, I hope you feel better!!!
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I´m so sorry about that!.......I´m coming out from that too!.......
...get well soon dear Gail!
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Yikes! Good thing it can't travel via the internet - I pick up things so easily.

Hope you feel better quickly!
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Gail, please get better soon!!!
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Having a cold during the summer heat stinks. I hope you feel better soon.
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Well I thought I was feeling better last night-went to the grocery store and picked up some random items. Sleep ok not great due to heat. This morning not overly hungry so I ate a banana in the truck on the way to one of my maintenance jobs. However after only 2 1/2 hrs felt very lightheaded like I was going to pass out. Its not the weather as it was only in the 70's sunny but a light breeze. So I had to tell the homeowners that I wasn't feeling good.
Took about 25 minutes to drive home-ate a frozen dinner, some lemonade and a chocolate pudding cup!! But still lightheaded and stomach is kinda queasy.
Rats!!!! I have a new job I want to look at this week yet too.
So once again on sofa taking it easy-might nap later though.
This really bites!!
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