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POINTs up for grabs ... health related:) sorta

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I will give 2000 pts to the first person who can explain how to look something up on the site

Many new folks dont know how and hopefully this will help them

Please list the directions in a post right here
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well there are a couple ways.

1) You can go into the Forum that you think that your topic could be related to and use the Search This Forum tool up on the top right of the forum.
2) you could go into the forum that you think your topic is related to and then look through the threads to see if any of the ?s that you have may already be posted.

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In addition to using Search this Forum you can use the Search drop down item at the top of the page under your user name. This will allow a search of all Forums if you aren't sure where the information you're looking for might be posted.
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*raises paw and waves it around franticallee* (oh hai, i knoes, i knoes! -tha andimandie)

Looking for Something on TheCatSite.com?

Here are some useful tips on finding the stuff you want on this sexy site for kittiez like ourselves!

1. Jump to a Section of TheCatSite.com! See that bar on top, right above the banner ad, and just under your name? To the far right, next to 'Log Out' (which you must NOT click just yet, oh noes! -tha andimandie), is 'Quick Links'.
Clicking on the small triangle right next to it brings down a drop-down menu. And you can easily jump to the sections you most likely will be checking out while you're here: your profile, your inbox, and today's latest posts.

2. Looking for something specific? Right next to the 'Quick Links' section is 'Search'. Clicking on the little triangle this time brings down a little window labeled 'Search Forums'. Simply enter what you're looking for, specify if you're looking for a particular message thread or post (by ticking the appropriate option! -tha andimandie), and you get the results you're looking for (at least the best matches! -tha andimandie).

3. Wanna get really specific? Clicking the 'Advanced Search' option on the dropdown window of 'Search' takes you to another page where you can look for key words, enter more search options, search other users, or search within particular forums (great stuff! -tha andimandie).

4. Searching within a thread? For particularly long threads, look for the 'Search This Thread' option just right above the very first entry (almost to the far right, next to 'Display Modes'! -tha andimandie).
Clicking the little triangle next to it also brings down a drop-down window. Enter what you're looking for, and there you have it! (yay! -tha andimandie).

Hope this helps!

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oh noes! pic too big

must do something about that. sorry.

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Thanks sharky!!
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