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Prissy's babies

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Hi all, just a quick update on Prissy and the babies.

All seem to be doing well. We now have names for the little cuties. Princess is all cream colored. No other markings, stripes, etc. Pumkin is an orange fuzz ball, and Maggie is a black tabby. They are all soooo cute. I really want to get a scanner so I can show you all the pictures.

Their eyes are open and they are finally tolerating being held without spitting. They are used to Duchess, our German Shepard, and I look forward to the day when they start playing. I will probably regret I said that!!!!

Prissy's ears are completely healed and When we take her in to have her spayed I am going to ask the vet to clean them out real good. She did not tolerate the ear mite treatments well and I did not want to harrass her by trying to wipe them out after putting in the medicine. But she does not scratch much anymore at all. Big improvement!

That's about it for now. Thanks all for being there with advice and tips for this first time "mom". I really feel like you are family.

Ps: all the babies seem to be girls at this time. The names may have to change if we are wrong.

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What else can I saw but...AWWWWWW! They sound too cute to be legal!

Gentle chin-scritches to the new mom and babes,

Gaye and The Gang at Rosehaven Farm
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