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Can anyone please help me?

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Hello everyone! I just registered here because I'm hoping that someone here can help me. One of my kitties, Peanuts, suddenly appears to be very sick! Before this morning, she was her usual happy self...always following me around, wanting to be pet, jumping and playing, purring constantly. She is such a happy, energetic, and loving kitty! This morning, everything changed! First, I could not find her, so I searched everywhere for her. I finally found her under the mattress. She had crawled up through a hole in the lining that's attached to the bottom of the mattress. I gently patted her and she came out. As soon as she did, I knew something was wrong. She was not herself. She seemed sluggish and limp, was walking very slowly, she wasn't looking up at me, etc. I was guessing that maybe she was scared because she couldn't figure out how to get out from under the mattress and maybe it was too dark. I should mention that Peanuts is blind. I didn't want to leave her, but I had to go to work and I was hoping she'd be back to her old self when I got home. She has not gotten any better. She still has no energy and she seems lifeless when I pick her up. She has been on the bed most of the time since I've gotten home. She also can't seem to jump on the bed anymore. She tries, but she misses and has to crawl the rest of the way up. She is not responding to noises as she normally does. Her purr seems different as well. It is heartbreaking seeing her like this. She is such a happy cat! What could have happenned between last night and this morning? I hope that someone here can please help me. Also, I found a tiny spot on the bed, possibly blood? I should also mention that she is not fixed...I don't know if that makes a difference. Has anything like this ever happenned to any of your cats? I'm so worried about her! Thank you for your help...Joe
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GO to the vet ... if the reg vet is closed find the ER vet clinic near you
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Yes get her to an ER vet - she could have gotten into some household poison somewhere.
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Go to the vet!!

If you're in the city, the folks are Manhattan Cat Specialists (Upper West Side) are nice:

There's also The Cat Practice (near 5th ave and 18th):

There's always Bergh Animal Hospital near 60th/1st ave -- that behemoth bldg just off FDR.

Call the different places; they have ER situation contact phone numbers.

Good Luck , and don't delay (& welcome to TheCatSite)!
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Hello everyone! Thank you for your replies! I just went to check on Peanuts. I noticed another little brown spot on the bed by her tushy. I checked her and noticed a brownish, gooey discharge coming from her vagina area. This got me thinking. Since Peanuts is not fixed, could this have something to do with menstruation? Does anyone know anything about that? Thank you...Joe
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Cats dont have periods... It could be a infection in her female organs THIS IS a EMERGENCY
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on my! hopefully you've taken her to the vet by now

definately let us know what the vet says.
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Please, get her to the ER vet as soon as possible. She could have pyometra, which can be deadly if untreated.
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definately sounds like a pyometria....pussy infection of the uterus. a definate killer if not seen, treated, and removed ASAP. I hope you have found an emergency hospital by now and have taken her there. Good Luck!
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I have no idea what could be wrong w/ your baby b/c I've never seen anything like that before in any of my cats, but a sudden change like what you describe is NOT good. Please take her to the vet ASAP if you haven't already done so!

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Originally Posted by FootersOwnsMe View Post
definately sounds like a pyometria....pussy infection of the uterus. a definate killer if not seen, treated, and removed ASAP. I hope you have found an emergency hospital by now and have taken her there. Good Luck!
I was thinking this same thing. If it is pyometra, it needs to be treated ASAP. This is something that can not be put off.
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I hope you have taken your girl to the ER vet to be treated. It is very important to have your cats spayed and neutered. It can save their life, not only to prevent kittens, but to prevent deadly conditions like pyometria.

Please let us know how she is doing.
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Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I have not gotten the chance to post here sooner. It's been a very crazy 24 hours! Peanuts is ok! I took her to the vet and it is an infection. He gave her antibiotics and fluid therapy and he gave me antibiotics to give to her. Poor little thing! Believe it or not, she seems a bit better already! Thank God! He gave me a 2 week supply of Antibiotics and he wants to see her in 2 weeks. To be honest, I wasn't particularly thrilled with this place or the doctor. I think I will go elsewhere in 2 weeks. I should give you guys a little background on me and my cats so you understand the situation better. I adopted 2 kitties, Marbles and Skittles, a year and a half ago from a friend who had rescued them from the street. I love them both very much and they have brought so much love and happiness to my life! About 4 months ago, this same friend asked if I could take in her 2 cats, Peanuts and Little Bit, for a bit while she moves in with a friend and searches for an apartment. Well, 4 months later and they are still with I love them so much, I consider them mine, but I believe my friend still has the intention of taking them back. If they were mine, I would definitely have them both fixed. If they do officially become my kitties, I will have them fixed. My 2 boy kitties, Marbles and Skittles are fixed. Also, the 4 of them are all indoor cats. Well, I hope I haven't confused Thank you all again for your help and concern! Now, I'm going to go kiss Peanuts and lay with her! Take care...Joey
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This is such wonderful news!! so glad you took her in.

I bet your friend wouldn't mind if you got the cats fixed while they are with you. Sounds like she may be having money troubles. If that's the case, it could be a long time until she can get around to it. It really is the best thing to do for the cats, as I am sure you know.

Its great that Peanuts had a good friend like you watching out for her
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