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Katrina Rescue Cat Needs Special Home for 5 Months – Deadline August 10th - URGENT

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Katrina Rescue Cat Needs Special Home for 5 Months – Deadline August 10th


Someone needed to care for a sick cat for a couple displaced by Katrina. They were reunited with their cat months after the cat was lost and living on the streets after Katrina.

They are also willing to pay for airfare for the cat to be sent to someone who can care for him for the next 5 months. These people are currently in Manitou Springs, Colorado, a little over an hour from Denver, but will be going abroad on August 10th.

The cat was rescued from New Orleans months after Katrina by Jeanette who feeds lost and abandoned cats in the area.

Galaxy is a very sweet, laid back cat.

See his photos posted here:


Jeanette Althans jalthans@chnola.org

Following is the e-mail Jeanette received from Ryan:

Hi Jeanette,

Galaxy has total and permanent kidney failure, probably from exposure to toxins during/ after Katrina.

He was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago, after slowly and steadily becoming
sicker and sicker (thinner, throwing up, lethargic, unhappy) for a couple weeks.

The vet says his kidneys are virtually non-functioning. But after a
week in the animal hospital on an iv, and after the last few weeks with
a 100cc subcantaneous fluid injection each morning and each night he
seems much much better.

He still throws up a fair bit and is kind of clumsy and lethargic at times, but he is eating normally, seems happy, and is even playful sometimes.

I really think he will be ok with treatment for a couple more years
before the kidney disease takes him. Galaxy is 5 years old. Very young for a cat to have kidney disease, but the storm was hard on him.

The following is the email that I have sent EVERYWHERE I CAN THINK OF:


I need to find a shelter/ home/ or foster care for my cat, Galaxy,
IMMEDIATELY! I'm getting married out of the country and we leave on
August 10th! We will be gone for 5 months. This has all been planned
and booked for over a year, and we cant cancel the wedding because
Galaxy is sick.

The normal foster pet care options are not working. My friends and
family are not willing to take him in. Galaxy is a very sick kitty. He has total and permanent kidney failure and I give him subcantaneous
fluid injections each morning and night to keep him alive. But, he has
responded well to the treatment and I think he will be ok if we can find a place to stay while we are gone.

Galaxy is a survivor. We are from New Orleans and our whole family
survived Katrina.

We are staying in a hotel in Manitou Springs, Colorado until we leave
for our trip in a week. Home care is not an option, we have no home.

I will bring him to anyone in the continental US who can look after him
(either permanent or until we get back in early January, whatever you
want, I will work with you).

I am running out of time.

Please let me know if you can help in any way.


Ryan S Ballard
Home: 719-634-8287
Cell: 504-301-8201

ryan@razzamatazproductions.com Thanks for you help!!!!

Posted by dcmcats@yahoo..com
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This breaks my heart. I'll send out some emails to see if anyone I know is interested. Can they not find a local boarding house or vet who can keep him?
Can they not cut their trip short? It is for their fur baby...

Sending mucho vibes that Galaxy finds a temporary vacation home.
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this breaks my heart as well.

whoever posted this thread maybe you could contact the owner
and suggest that he board the cat at his local vet place.

they would be able to take care of him and possible find him a home ?

if he is willing to spend the money to fly himself to whoever to deliver
the cat, he could use that money to board the cat at the vet and ask
them to ask their customers as they see them if they would be willing
to take in the cat.

in the meantime the money not spent on airfare would buy this kitty
some time at the vet.

prayers sent.
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Galaxy Special Needs Katrina Kitty Has A New Place in Denver

Galaxy was placed in a sanctuary and will receive the special care he so needs. He was located just outside of Denver and didn't have to travel much. So that was ideal.

His owner is very happy that so many people were concerned and that a solution was found.

Thank you everyone!
I am in contact with people in the New Orleans doing recovery for animals since Katrina and am writing a book on the subject. Send me a PM if you would like further information.
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well thats good news ! thanks for updating us.

so do you know if the owner is taking his kitty back after 5 months
or did he permanently place him in this sanctuary ?
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We all hope so. But in any case, Galaxy will receive the care and dedication he is so in need and deserving of. Thank you for being concerned.

There are many needs for animals in the regions still effected by Katrina. There are especially many cats, some who used to be owned pets. Some are still lost, for others the owners were found but no longer can care for them.



If you wish to adopt from out-of-state, there is possible help with transporting.

New Orleans Animals Need Help:

Nearly 2 years after the storm, the effects of Katrina remain paramount for animals on the streets. Many stray dogs and cats, some who used to be pets, are surviving on the streets. Their only source of food is at feeding stations provided by volunteers or by kind-hearted residents. Some animals have been wandering lost since Katrina. For others the owners were found but they can no longer care for them or no longer want them, so the animals remain abandoned on the streets.

In addition, there are many feral cat colonies living in areas where there is limited access to food due to the decline in resident population and lack of natural food sources. Many animals are not spay/neutered and are continuing to have kittens and puppies born on the streets. There are just not enough places to bring rescued animals that will keep them until adopted.

There are not enough residents spay/neutering their pets. And not enough volunteers who can trap feral cats for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

Volunteer to Help Animals:

Local and out-of-town visiting volunteers are needed to replenish food and water at established feeding stations in various sections of New Orleans. Foster homes are needed for rescues.

Remote help is needed for telephone work screening adoptions, foster homes, and inquiries to volunteer, and for arranging adoption transports. Computer work also is needed. Shelter help is needed at ARNO (see information below).

Anyone interested in adopting a little black cat still surviving on the streets since Katrina?

Little Black Cat Needs a Home:

The Little Black Cat in the photos below has only 3 legs due to a birth defect. He was seen at a feeding station maintained by a volunteer in a neighborhood just outside of New Orleans. The cat was first seen right after Katrina and not again until just a few weeks ago. He is STILL out there and waiting at HIS house for his owner who will never be back for him. The person feeding the cat thinks the cat can be caught if a home for him can be found. The little cat is frightened from being outside on his own, but came over and greeted the volunteer with a little meow. The volunteer feels he is ready to be rescued.

Please see the photos of the black cat at the link below:

Cats in the Lakeview Section of New Orleans Need Homes:

Lakeview Cats Roaming, web site: http://www.lakeivewcats.org/ was created for the cats still roaming in Lakeview since Hurricane Katrina. Two volunteers coordinate the feeding, trapping, and reunion efforts there.

The Remote Reunion site: http://www.remotereunion.org/, ARNO: http://www.animalrescueneworleans.org/, Kinship Circle: http://www.kinshipcircle.org/ and others provide assistance with various items.

Foster and Forever Homes Needed!

Many kittens and former pets must be returned to the streets if foster or forever homes are not available. They are looking for Lakeview Residents Needed to Assist so they can transition some food/water stations to Lakeview residents.

Just 2 of the Lakeview Cats Who Need Homes - Maggie and Moon:

Maggie and Moon are just 2 of the many Lakeview kitties that would like a place to call home. Maggie was a neighborhood cat before the storm. She used to be not very friendly. But now she runs to greet the volunteer that feeds her and she loves to be petted. She is the beautiful calico in the photo below. Moon is a handsome long-haired golden orange cat that lives in gutted house and sits in a window. He meows and wants to be friendly.

See photos of Maggie (the calico) and Moon (the orange cat) posted at the link below:

Here are some other New Orleans cats that need homes too:



And some dogs that need homes:






Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is a great no-kill shelter that needs support. They rely on donations to keep the shelter going. Please help make room for more animals to be rescued by adopting or fostering an animal from ARNO. Local and out-of-town visiting volunteers are needed to help at the shelter.

ARNO Web Site: http://www.animalrescueneworleans.org/

Photos at link: http://neworleans.craigslist.org/pet/395720409.html:
Little Black Cat, right after Katrina 2005
Little Black Cat, June 2007
Maggie, calico, June 2007
Moon, orange tabby, June 2007

Contact dcmcats@yahoo.com for further information.

Thank you!
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Thanks for the update. Yay for Galaxy!! Good job on your hard work helping him find a home.
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i agree and want to encourage everyone to adopt from louisiana !!!

they are desperate.
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Good news for Galaxy. It's so sad what is going on down there. There is a lady in my area that traveled down there and brought back 15 (dogs & cats combined) to foster. She was able to find permanent placements for them (if the owners are never located). I'm not sure if she'll be going back. I just wish that more people cared about the animals all over this country like the people dedicated to helping these and doing such a great job, like you. I do what I can to assist (that's why I have the 5 cats that we have). I just wish that I could do more.
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