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Cat massage

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I recently read about cat massage and so I tried it on Peedoodle and he seemed to love it - he hanged his head so low and just let me do it on his shoulders', which is great, because he doesnt like to be petted for too long as it overstimulates him, but when I massage him, he is really gentle, and he licks my hand and carries on hanging his head. I was surprised at this. How is cat massage benefitial for cats? Normally its very hard for me to groom him, he hates it, but the other day I thought I would get a different brush, this time with the little knobs at the end of the wire thingies and he rubbed his cheeks on it and massaged himself and then he let me brush him for small amounts of time.
Besides the shoulders, where else can I massage Peedoodle that he will like it?
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Ophelia loves getting back rubs. I gently massage all the way down her spine and she goes into kitty ecstasy. I actually started doing this when they both were kittens, especially when I could tell they were hitting a growth spurt (big ears, still little kitty ). I remembered that some kids get achy when they hit growth spurts and I knew that the kittens would get a little grouchy so I started massaging them to make them feel better. It worked, and they still really enjoy it.
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Massage is beneficial in many ways. It's a form of affection and helps the two of you bond. It also gets your pet comfortable with being examined physically and is a prime time to feel your pet for bumps or growths. And it may improve circulation and how muscles feel.

My pets like massages too! Who doesn't? :tounge2:

There is a lot of info about T-Touch massage techniques for pets. Our Humane Society here runs classes on it every now and then.
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Ophelia loves getting back rubs. I gently massage all the way down her spine and she goes into kitty ecstasy.
Like Ophelia, Ivo loves it when I massage down her spine. I gently knead down her back, and she'll flop over and stretch out like she's in heaven. I've also tried gently massaging around her jaw and neck, which she also seems to like, although less often.

You can find books about pet massage, that teach you how to massage their whole bodies. Ivo doesn't like having her belly or legs touched, so I just concentrate on her back, neck and tail. Personally, I know how great massages can be (one of the few things I'll splurge on for myself), so I figured Ivo would like it just as much (now, if I can only convince her that 'manicures' are a good thing, too).
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