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Custom Avatars

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What are the guildelines to be able to do this?

(how many posts or points needed?)
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To get full Super Cat status you must have 700 posts and 120 days in membership
Then you get:

* 40 stored PMs
* 39 additional avatars to choose from
* Ability to upload custom avatar
* 80 Kb in uploaded attachments
* Posting access to IMO, if over 18.
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OoOo great! That shouldn't take too long.

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haha in that case, my cats and i have got to keep posting then.

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ooo wow I have a long way to go haha! Too bad, I was looking forward to designing some cute kitty avatars soon. Oh well, at least I can make a custom signature...that will have to hold me off for awhile
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Ok I am clearly over 700 posts....but still can't do a custom avatar.

Am I doing something wrong???????

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You also need 120 days of membership. You are almost there.
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I'm at 119 today!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL that is toooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
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